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  • The new entrance will mean that we can avoid the long trek under the railway bridges to get into the station. There were plans to redecorate that area but no action yet. I noticed that Work has started in fitting out Clifton house where the Gym wa…
  • I also note that the friends of the park have raised concerns about the small amount of money that actually comes back to the Bourough may not be bieng spent on the park as required by law - more information on their website.
  • The events in the park have been the usual nightmare of noise anti-social behaviour and loss of the park - I wonder if Harringey’s new left wing administration will be as keen to help the promoters line their pockets while the rest suffer - and Hack…
  • I suspect quite a few greens have gone to Momentum so I expect their numbers to reflect that. Think the Labour candidates will be too distracted with their internal problems so inspite of little campaign on their part the Lib Dem’s may be the best …
  • I also use the phone app and the Council nearly always respond - you need to be careful if you report something close to the Islington border as the issue sometimes gets wrongly picked up by Islington Council which causes delay. Up to the election …
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  • I would be really sorry to loose Oxford House - it would not be difficult to restore the facade. I would like to see us treasure some of our quirkier buildings. The developers have been given planning permission already which most neighbors seeme…
  • The alternative would be to build something that is in proportion with the surrounding properties and maintain the attractive facade - they have planning permission for that but they keep trying to get something much bigger and unsuitable. If they …
  • The simple point is that for all his many faults had it not been for Churchill’s tenacity at that time this country would have been under the nazi jackboot no chance of this kind of protest then.
  • I hope the other two parties Greens and Lib Dem’s put up strong and capable candidates so that we have a good choice when election time comes.
  • Not all that long ago Haringey Council was attacked for not adding to its housing stock and given the savere restrictions on all councils the HDV seemed a reasonable attempt at making improvements - not perfect but ‘the art of the possible’. This a…
  • Is there a fund to help the victims?
  • There are specific rules about the amount of overhang up to head height which were explained by a Council official my overgrown garden needed cutting back at the time I moved in. If you are concerned just report the problem using the Council app (H…
    in [...] Comment by libertyhall June 2017
  • Shocking and evil act - this has no place in the multilateral and inclusive Finsbury Park I have been proud to live in for the last 33 years.
  • Have to say that I thought the event was better organised and quieter than in previous years - there are sections of turf that show the effects of lack of sunlight but with the recent rain new grass growth will soon take over.
  • Recently joined this site but lived in Finsbury Park since 1984 and have always loved the area - so good to see things flourish in recent years - the park is so much greener than when I first encountered it and it's great to see work on the lifts f…