Stroud Green - Planning Applications



  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    One would assume there are certain obligations that local authorities must comply with under planning acts etc. Surly writing to people nearby is one of them.
  • HGY/2017/2596
    86 Victoria Road N4 3SW
    External alterations to the existing buildings consistent with their approved change of use to residential dwellings.
    Date Registered: 06/09/2017

    86 Victoria Road N4 3SW
    Change of use of former MOT garage from B2 to C3 (dwellings) to provide 1 no. residential unit along with
    external alterations to the existing building, associated landscaping and ancillary works.
    Date Registered: 06/09/2017
  • P2017/3340/FUL
    9 Birnam Road London N4 3LJ
    Proposed front light well development and insertion of front lower ground floor window
    Consultation Expiry date: 6-Oct-17

    125 Hanley Road, London, N4 3DQ
    Ground floor level change of use from A3/A5 (fast food) to D1 (health) together with the installation of a new shop front and the erection of a rear extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 5-Oct-17

    66 Hanley Road, London, N4 3DR
    Creation of a loft extension including the erection of a rear dormer and insertion of roof lights in the front elevation. Creation of a roof terrace on the rear elevation, at the second floor level with associated alustrading. Conversion of existing three-bed dwelling at the first and second floor levels , to two No. self-contained units
    (one 3-bed (five-person) dwelling and one 2-bed (three-person) dwelling).
    Consultation Expiry date: 5-Oct-17
  • HGY/2017/2646
    26 Perth Road N4 3HB
    Alterations to existing single storey rear extension to replace door, glazing, guttering and drain pipe
    Date Registered: 11/09/2017

    117 Florence Road N4 4DL
    Retention of existing single storey ground floor side to rear extension
    Date Registered: 13/09/2017

    61 Oakfield Road N4 4LD
    Demolition of existing dilapidated rear lean-to and erection of a new rear extension and side return extension.
    Date Registered: 20/09/2017

    9 Birnam Road London N4 3LJ
    Proposed front light well development and insertion of front lower ground floor window.
    Consultation Expiry date: 6-Oct-17
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    Thane Works London N7 7PL
    Section 73 application for the variation of Condition 2 (drawing numbers) of planning consent P2016/3712/FUL for Erection of first floor infill extension and the erection of second floor roof extension at 8-9 Thane Works to provide additional B1 space, alterations to the Thane Works facade at ground floor level and associated internal alterations dated 06/12/2016. The variation of approved plans (condition 2) seeks permission to: Alter the internal layout Alterations to size and location of door openings and windows plus the inclusion of spandrel panels Apply off-white render coat to existing fame
    Statutory Expiry_date 8-Nov-17

    The Atelier 17 Crouch Hill London N4 4AP
    Change of use of part of the ground floor and the entire first floor from a workshop (use class B1c) to B1 use
    Statutory Expiry_date 2-Nov-17

    .....aaaaaand BIG HOTEL:

    240 Seven Sisters Road (including 240a, b and c) Islington LONDON N4 2HX
    Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of the site to provide a building of 10 storeys (ground plus 9 upper storeys) accommodating a 228- bedroom hotel (C1 use), ground floor bar/restaurant (A4/A3 use) and basement music venue (D2 use), together with ancillary hard and soft landscaping, cycle parking, refuse storage, and related works.
    Consultation Expiry date: 19-Oct-17
  • Music venue is interesting, this site could definitely have accommodated something taller
  • That's the site we've seen several architectural suggestions for before, right?
  • Several proposals, including a tall residential tower, but nothing that has reached the planning application stage for some years. This one has been developed with Council input and trailed with neighbourhood consultations so it's likely to get through.
  • HGY/2017/2765
    Sidings Lodge 92B Stapleton Hall Road N4 4QA
    Retrospective application for replacement of louvers with frosted glazing to front elevation first floor window.
    Installation of Air Source Heat Pump with timber screening to roof
    Date Registered: 25/09/2017

    15 Albany Road N4 4RR
    Replacement of existing garden structures with a single-storey timber outbuilding
    Date Registered: 27/09/2017

    3 Connaught Road N4 4NT
    Erection of 2.7m long wooden privacy trellis above part of existing 1.57m high side boundary wall along rear
    garden, to a total height of between 2.3m and 2.7m depending on ground level
    Date Registered: 27/09/2017

    22 Bracey Street Islington LONDON N4 3BJ
    Side infill and rear extension at ground floor level. The proposed extension occupies the width of the rear garden and extends 1500mm out from the existing rear addition. The extension has a flat roof and is fully glazed with bifolding
    doors to the garden. The existing garden walls are to be raised with brick work to match existing.
    Consultation Expiry date: 24-Oct-17

    59 Birnam Road London N4 3LJ
    Kitchen Roof Extension
    Consultation Expiry date: 3-Nov-17

    24 and 26 Almington Street London N4 3BG
    Change of use from Sui Generis (Hostel) to C2 (Residential children's home) together with a joint single storey rear extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 6-Nov-17

    Flat B 13 Turle Road London N4 3LZ
    Variation of condition 3 (materials) of planning permission P2017/0120/FUL granted on 28 March 2017 to allow a painted brick finish
    Consultation Expiry date: 4-Oct-17

    Flat B 68 Evershot Road London N4 3BU
    Removal of existing door and window to rear ground floor and proposed bi-fold doors.
    Consultation Expiry date: 9-Nov-17

    Flat B 18 Hanley Road London N4 3DR
    Conversion of existing 4 bedroom self contained unit to create 1x2 bedroom and 1x3 bedroom self contained units. Erection of rear dormer and installation of velux roof lights to the front and rear elevation plus subdivision of the garden
    Consultation Expiry date: 6-Nov-17

    18 A Hanley Road London N4 3DR
    Excavation of the existing basement to create an additional one-bed dwelling with external garden and courtyard space; alteration to the side extension of the existing ground floor flat to provide access to the proposed basement.
    Consultation Expiry date: 16-Nov-17


    70 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4QA
    Certificate of lawful development for a proposed single storey rear extension

    Flat B 107 Moray Road London N4 3LB
    The erection of front and rear dormer roof extensions and the insertion of a new door and installation of railings to the rear elevation to create a roof terrace at first floor level
    Consultation Expiry date: 23-Nov-17

    Erection of single-storey rear extension at ground floor level. Increase opening to first floor window to existing closet wing and installation of double glazed sash window. Erection of single storey second floor extension to existing closet wing
    Consultation Expiry date: 23-Nov-17


    Flat A 12 Albert Road N4 3RW
    Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission HGY/2017/1918
    Date Registered: 30/10/2017

    109 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4RD
    Loft extension involving the addition of new rear dormer and 2 conservation skylights to front of roof.
    Date Registered: 31/10/2017

    91 Woodstock Road N4 3EU
    Replacement of subsiding back wall, erection of rear ground and upper level extensions and refurbishment of
    Date Registered: 01/11/2017

    52 Stapleton Hall Road N4 3QG
    Construction of a single storey rear extension and Installation of new roof windows in rear & side slopes
    Date Registered: 02/11/201
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    17 Ferme Park Road N4 4DS
    Conversion self-contained flat into two self-contained dwellings consisting of 1 x 1 bed flat and 1 x 3 bed flat.
    Works also to include roof alteration of first floor rear element
    Date Registered: 06/11/2017

    31 Lancaster Road N4 4PJ
    Conversion of single dwellinghouse to provide 3 self-contained flats (consisting of 2 x 1 bed and 1 x 2 bed),
    involving single storey side and rear extension and the erection of a rear roof dormer extension, together with the provision of refuse storage and cycle parking
    Date Registered: 06/11/2017

    20 Charter Court Stroud Green Road N4 3SG
    Proposed single storey side/rear extension
    Date Registered: 10/11/2017

    10 Wray Crescent London N4 3LP
    Replacement paving to front of the property, altertions to bin storage area and new steps to the side passage
    Statutory Expiry_date 20-Dec-17

    Flat A 16 Wray Crescent London N4 3LP
    Erection of a single storey rear extension to a lower ground floor flat.
    Statutory Expiry_date 18-Dec-17

    Old Dairy Court 17 Crouch Hill London N4 4AP
    Retention of recording studio use (Use class B1) following conversion from a workshop (Use class B1c). Retention of associated external alterations to the western elevation of the building, including formation of new entrance.
    Statutory Expiry_date 25-Dec-17

    61 Regina Road LONDON N4 3PT
    Full width ground floor rear extension with flat roof, plus alterations to the roof profile of the existing rear outrigger along with internal alterations.
    Consultation Expiry date: 13-Dec-17

    100 Tollington Park, London, N4 3RB
    Conversion and extension of an existing garage to a 1 bed self contained residential unit,subdivision of rear garden, erection of rear extension plus alterations to front garage door.
    Consultation Expiry date: 14-Dec-17

    Flat A 79 Evershot Road London N4 3DF
    Demolition of single storey rear extension and erection of a single storey side and rear extension
    Consultation Expiry date: 13-Dec-17

    Flat A & B 97 Moray Road London N4 3lb
    Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home for single storey rear extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 18-Dec-17

    10 Mount Pleasant Mews, London, N4 4AE
    Proposal for the conversion and two storey extension of the existing mews building to create a three bedroom mews house with private rear amneity space, accessed via Mount Pleasant Crescent.
    Consultation Expiry date: 28-Dec-17


    4 Victoria Terrace N4 4DA
    Erection of a single storey rear/infill extension
    Date Registered: 15/11/2017

    52A Woodstock Road N4 3EX
    Erection of single storey rear extension over existing rear terrace (raised ground floor level)
    Date Registered: 21/11/2017

    171 Mount View Road N4 4JT
    Erection of a single storey rear extension and excavation of existing sub-depth basement with front lightwell and
    external staircase
    Date Registered: 27/11/2017

    Flat 1 28 Cornwall Road N4 4PH
    Erection of rear side infill extension to replace existing
    Date Registered: 29/11/2017

  • HGY/2017/3507
    1 Granville Road N4 4EJ
    Roof extension involving front and rear dormers
    Consultation end Date: 01/01/2018

    Ground Floor Flat 91 Upper Tollington Park N4 4LP
    The erection of a single story ground floor side to rear extension to ground floor flat.
    Consultation end Date: 05/01/2018

    Upper Flat 60 A Birnam Road London N4 3LQ
    Proposed extension to existing dormer window at second floor level above the existing two storey rear outrigger, and alterations at size of the first floor window to rear outrigger.
    Consultation Expiry date: 4-Jan-18

    Flat A, 100 A Hanley Road, London, N4 3DW
    Construction of a new external staircase from the upper ground floor balcony to the garden. Erection of a single storey bicycle storage container in the front garden.
    Consultation Expiry date: 2-Jan-18

    Maisonette First and Second Floors 16 Evershot Road London N4 3BB
    Erection of a single storey first floor rear extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 4-Jan-18

    Flat A 3 Almington Street London N4 3BP
    A single storey rear extension to an existing terraced house
    Consultation Expiry date: 3-Jan-18

    Ground Floor Flat 16 Evershot Road London N4 3BB
    Erection of a ground floor single storey rear extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 4-Jan-18


    Flat C 7 Scarborough Road N4 4LX
    Erection of a rear dormer and side dormer, insertion of 1 rear and 1 front rooflight and creation of a rear roof terrace.
    Date Registered: 11/12/2017

    Flat A 26 Albany Road N4 4RL
    Single storey rear extension
    Date Registered: 12/12/2017
  • P2017/4865/FUL
    8 Japan Crescent London N4 4BB
    Replacement of single glazed timber windows with double glazed timber windows to match existing and replacement of front door with double glazed timber door to match existing.
    Consultation Expiry date: 11-Jan-18

    Clyro Court Tollington Park London N4 3AQ
    Proposed roof extensions to Blocks A, B and C to provide 2no 2bed flats and 2no 1bed flats. Proposed infill rear extension to form 4no 1 bed flats from existing 4no studio flats. Provision of new refuse storage arrangements, cycle store, and drying area.
    Consultation Expiry date: 25-Jan-18

    Ground Floor Flat, 155 Thorpedale Road, London, N4 3BD
    Rear ground floor extension, creation of a front lightwell and replacement windows throughout.
    Consultation Expiry date: 25-Jan-18

    32 Thorpedale Road London N4 3BL
    Erection of a single storey side and rear ground floor extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 26-Jan-18
  • They're trying to ruin Oxford House again.


    Flat C 7 Regina Road London N4 3PT
    Erection of balustrades to rear second
    floor level to facilitate the creation of a
    terrace above the rear first floor roof
    slope. Replacement of second floor rear
    window with a door.
    Consultation Expiry date: 7-Feb-18

    32 Blythwood Road Islington London N4 4EU
    Raising of main roof ridge to facilitate
    the erection of a rear dormer roof
    extension, and associated works.
    Consultation Expiry date: 15-Feb-18


    49A Oxford Road N4 3EY
    Raising the roof to accommodate a 2nd floor level residential addition (containing 2x2 bed, 2x1 bed and 1x3 bed
    flats) to the existing building
    Date Registered: 10/01/2018

    101 Florence Road N4 4DL
    Rear side single storey extension
    Date Registered: 24/01/2018

    86A Upper Tollington Park N4 4NB
    Side and rear extensions to ground floor flat involving removal of existing rear extension with associated internal
    and external works.
    Date Registered: 26/01/2018
  • HGY/2018/0326
    7 Cornwall Road N4 4PH
    Erection of a single storey side infill to rear extension
    Date Registered: 29/01/2018
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    24 Bracey Street London N4 3BJ
    Erection of single storey rear and side extension.
    Consultation Expiry date: 5-Mar-18

    76 Hanley Road London N4 3DR
    Formation of lightwell and installation of associated railings to front aspect and installation of windows to existing basement bay
    Consultation Expiry date: 5-Mar-18

    62 Charteris Road London N4 3AB
    Erection of single storey rear rear/side extension and installation of replacement window on rear elevation of existing extension
    Consultation Expiry date: 8-Mar-18

    52 Tollington Way Islington LONDON N7 6QX
    Submission of details pursuant to the discharge of condition 13 (bicycle storage) attached to planning permission P2015/2900/FUL dated
    Consultation Expiry date: 26-Jan-18


    Second Floor Flat 14 Stapleton Hall Road N4 3QD
    Rear dormer roof extension with associated balcony and 2 x front rooflights
    Date Registered: 13/02/2018

    Flat B 43 Upper Tollington Park N4 4DD
    Creation of first floor roof terrace on top of newly built ground floor extension.
    Date Registered: 15/02/2018
  • Also the Muslim Welfare House has gone in for Design Review, so something's afoot there.
  • HGY/2018/0716
    3 Elyne Road N4 4RA
    The erection of a single storey side/rear extension and rear dormer roof extension
    Date Registered: 06/03/2018

    Flat 5 99 Upper Tollington Park N4 4ND
    Lower ground floor extension and reconstruction of ground floor balcony
    Date Registered: 06/03/2018

    19 Victoria Road N4 3SH
    Proposed Rear Dormer Window Extension of an existing mid-terrace dwelling.
    Date Registered: 08/03/2018
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