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  • I almost didn't post this in case it gave Kreuzkav a cerebral haemorrhage. It's an awfully wanky video though. I'm glad it's not really like that here.
  • Arkady, do you not waft round Stroud Green on a wave of aspirational millennial happiness then? I thought it was just me, was worried I was doing something wrong (or was just too old). Kreuzkav, is that bloke in the video wearing a jumper over a shirt at any point?
  • Anyone knows if there is a plan for building a new swimming pool in City North? I think they mentioned a sport/leisure center at some point but not sure this include a swimming pool.
  • I think it was going to be a gym (likely private i.e. Pure Gym etc.) and I'm pretty certain it did not include a swimming pool. The cinema takes up much of the lower ground floor.
  • There's Pure Gym over Seven Sisters road under that horrible opposite the Rainbow (UCKG church). Do they need two so close together?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    If they can't find someone to pay the rent is will change quite quickly and become something else.
  • I don't think people who like that advert posted on here would be going to Pure Gym when they could pay 4 times as much at a Virgin / LA Fitness gym.
  • I meant e.g. Miss Annie.... I was just trying to think a gym chain... It won't be a "council leisure centre" that's for sure
  • Loads of them in Islington already. The Sobell Center is excellent
  • way back in previous discussions someone mentioned that it was a gymbox that was going in and also a cineworld cinema...
  • Have they been enhancing the number if trees in the park.

    Picture 1 doesn't look right to me ?
  • Latest TfL update: Reopening of Northbound Staircase & Closure of Southbound Staircase to Victoria and Piccadilly Line Good afternoon, As you know, work is underway at Finsbury Park Tube station to deliver step-free access in 2018, and a new station entrance in 2019, as part of the City North Ltd development. We will soon complete the construction of the lift shaft to the northbound Victoria and Piccadilly line platforms, which required us to close a staircase serving these platforms in January 2016. The staircase will reopen in mid-February 2017. From Monday 27 February 2017 we will start constructing the lift shaft to the southbound Victoria and Piccadilly line platforms. This will also require the closure of one of the three staircases serving these platforms, until late 2017. We expect the closure of these stairs to the southbound platform to be more disruptive than the closure of the northbound staircases. This is due to the higher and more concentrated demand for the southbound platforms during the morning peak. In November 2016 we carried out trials to determine how best to operate the station to serve our customers during the work, and as a result a one-way system will be in place. Updated signage and announcements will be in place at the station, and we will also be emailing regular users of the station to notify them of these works. Additional staff will be also be available to help assist customers with the new layout.
  • Right, new tyres for the bike and off we go. No way I'm stressing myself out in that mêlée every morning!
  • I still can't quite believe they let the property developers ride roughshod over local residents and tube users and shut Wells Terrace for so long.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Sounds awful. I think they will have to furrher limit the speed at which people enter the station. Depressing.
  • I hope that there is no Picc line interchange in the remaining stair well otherwise it will be difficult.
  • My guess is that they will route exiting passengers via the NR spiral staircases with the LU passageway - alternatively, they will route people the other way round but only in the morning peak and match days. It's not the end of the world - what is not clear is what happens after the closure. Do we wait another year before the new Wells Terrace entrance opens? The City North work appears very slow although it will be clearer in the Spring once they have finished site clearance.
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  • @gardener-joe, Do you think TfL and NR should have a public meeting to take us through what happens next as much has changed from last summer?
  • In and out of the station is already one way in the mornings between 7.30am - 9.30am. has been for ages now. In through Station Place entrance, out through Seven Sisters. That's already chaotic with gates closed and people spilling into the roads frequently - it's going to be just awful when this stuff happens. TfL are putting people in danger.
  • I'm technically chair of the Finsbury Park Station User Group and can arrange a public meeting if you think it's called for. Both NR and TfL usually attend.
  • At least in May there will be two extra trains and hour on the Victoria line so people should get shifted off the platforms quicker in the morning rush.
  • It is getting a bit of a joke at Finsbury park in the mornings. Closed more often than it is open. If that's going to get even worse it'll seriously affect my ability to get to work on time
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    @arkady a meeting soon would be good. Let me know if you want any help arranging
  • Train spotter just get out of bed a bit earlier then you will be on time at the other end
  • Unless the station is also closed when you arrive earlier. I've seen it closed at various times between 7am - 9.30am. Fortunately Arsenal station is ten minutes walk (less if you have a brisker stride), and is never closed. Do you use the tube @Ali?
  • Unfortunately my kids' nursery doesn't open till 8:15 so I have a limited window to arrive at the station. Though I have arranged to start working some days from Wood Green, mostly because of how long it's been taking to get into town lately. I had wondered about getting on at Manor House instead. Presumably the interchange to the Victoria Line is still OK?
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