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    TfLPressRelease PN-124 29 June 2016 **New station entrance as Finsbury Park upgrade work reaches next stage** * Wells Terrace entrance to close as part of work to improve station * Step-free access to Tube station in 2018 * A new western station entrance will also open in 2019 The entrance to Finsbury Park Underground station from Wells Terrace will close on 18 July 2016 as part of the work to upgrade the station. The closure is the latest step in a comprehensive upgrade of the station that will introduce step-free access by 2018, increase capacity and make journeys quicker and more pleasant. Two new lift shafts will be built to enable step-free access to all platforms and lines at the station. New ticket gates have already been installed, and the capacity of the spiral staircases has been doubled. Future work will create a new, larger western entrance that will add a new step-free access route from 2019. David Hughes, Director of Strategy and Service Development for London Underground, said: “Finsbury Park is one of the busiest stations in north London, with over 27 million people using it every year. The demand will only increase as the population of London gets larger, and the improvements being made will allow the station to deal with this demand. The introduction of larger ticket halls and step-free access will make a real, positive difference to customers’ journeys.” Finsbury Park Tube station is the fourth-busiest Underground station outside of zone one - the number of people using the station during the week has increased by 20 per cent since 2010, and is expected to continue to grow. The new station entrance work is being carried out in conjunction with the re-development of the adjacent site by City North Finsbury Park Limited. Ends Notes to Editors: · Keeping this entrance open during construction or constructing a new temporary entrance is not feasible due to the complexity of the work. · During construction of the new entrance, customers will be able to access the station via nearby entrances on Seven Sisters Road and Station Place. Buses will continue to serve their normal stops from where customers will be able to follow the short signed walking route to Station Place. · From the current Wells Terrace entrance to the Underground platforms customers currently walk the length of the adjoining long corridor into the station. The alternative walking route into the station via Stroud Green Road and Station Place is only approximately one hundred metres further than the existing route and is expected to take only a little over a minute longer than the current route, based on average walking speed. · LU has undertaken a thorough congestion analysis for both the on-street approaches and within the station to ensure that the temporary closure can be safely managed. This included the Stroud Green Road pavement to ensure that the route between Wells Terrace and Station Place can accommodate all those using the pavement. Even during the busiest times of the day at the narrowest points, the pavement is sufficiently wide enough to accommodate these numbers according to our planning capacity guidelines. TfL Press Office 0845 604 4141
  • "Thorough congestion analysis". They didnt do that last time and now with SGR closed it will be a disaster
  • ARGH you're not supposed to be able to upload pics to the server. It will crash the site. Something must have happened during the upgrade. @J_R - sorry, I've had to remove your post. Instructions on how to properly post pictures are in the New Members thread.
  • @Arkady, no worries - hadn't realised that would kill it. I don't seem to have an image hosting site so stroudgreeners will just have to following my reasoning - or look it up on google maps. [] I was just thinking that its a pain that they need to close the road and the pavement off and that I hope they have explored using their network rail land that is immediately adjacent to the pavement to access the platforms. You can see it from google maps. So this is my first post on here but I have been lurking for while so to finish on a positive note - nice one Arkady on maintaining this forum. Its great!
  • I still don't believe this. I might walk it to check it. Also doesn't allow for time spent in a scrum on other side of station. Plus, do they really expect people who cycle to the station to lock up bikes at Wells Terrace end and then walk round. Human nature says that won't happen - and they won't pay for that paid-for bike parking either From the current Wells Terrace entrance to the Underground platforms customers currently walk the length of the adjoining long corridor into the station. The alternative walking route into the station via Stroud Green Road and Station Place is only approximately one hundred metres further than the existing route and is expected to take only a little over a minute longer than the current route, based on average walking speed.
  • Hmm, so the scaffolding stays and everyone will be using the western side of SGR under the bridge (along with the active cycle lane, I assume?). What an absolute shower.
  • Sounds like the station works are being organised by a combination of the Brexiteers and the Labour party leadership
  • Petition to stop entrance closure - worth a try even if it is unsuccessful.
  • With due respect to the petitioners, the petition is pitched totally wrong. The entrance has to close. The station will be vastly superior when the new entrance opens. The question at hand is whether the gap between the Wells Terrace entrance closing and the Western Ticket Hall opening has to be so long. In my view LB Islington dropped the ball on this in a major way by not putting sufficent pressure on the developers. It may be too late to do anything about it, but there are quite high-level discussions behind the scenes to see whether that period can be shorted. If I learn anything I will let you know.
  • Hopefully it makes it through the up and comming downturn and we don't get stuck before the new entrance is built The block above the Sainsbury got stopped during the last recession a few Years ago
  • @ali Now begins the era of ghost town developments perhaps?
  • The length of that closure is definitely to help the developers not the station users
  • It didn't seem too bad this morning (at least when I got the tube at about 8:45) - how was it for others?
  • Quieter than usual, curiously.
  • Is it school holidays yet? I thought it was very quiet too.
  • Yep was fine at around 7.45. School holidsays havent started yet
  • I do wonder whether more people in northern Stroud Green, Crouch End, Hornsey etc. will use Harringay and Hornsey stations to avoid Finsbury Park instead of getting the W3/W7.
  • @Arkady Is there enough capacity in those old EMU that stop at Harringey and Hornsey to take on more punters?
  • Not really. Nice new trains in 2018 though.
  • I think also there is less bus surge of people when the 210, W7 and W3 all arrive at the same time. The walk round must filter some people as people walk at different speeds and there is space to overtake or undertake if you are a faster walk. I know last time TFL did some modelling of flows of people. I hope they analyse what actually happens
  • Does this mean the sky has not fallen?
  • Could of TfL got its modelling right ?
  • I always figured that the claims of chaos and danger were overblown, but the long-term (and unnecessary) inconvenience is still very real.
  • It's already a lot quieter this week ahead of summer holidays. I've noticed it cycling across town today and yesterday evening and driving across town yesterday morning. Always kicks in a week before and sticks around a week after for some reason in summer. Can't all be private school kids or bunking, so I'm not sure why. Maybe more non school-kid people rushing to bag a week's holiday before and after the break.
  • Yeah, it's quieter on the tube for sure.
  • Will it not be good for folks as they will get a little bit fitter over the years of the closure The number of extra steps must add up to quite a few extra ones !
  • I had to get the tube yesterday rather than cycle due to a meeting across town (a mistake indeed). However, I timed it from the top of the stairs to walk round to the Wells terrace bus stop. With a relatively clear tunnel and gates but middlingly busy full pavement under the bridge it took just over four-and-half minutes. Obviously without breaking into the now closed entrance there is no chance for a point of comparison. And, yes, I am a loser. (Had to get tube in this morning as bike at work, was very quiet. I walked straight on and got a seat at 7.50am)
  • Annoyingly Steven sisters road entrance is closed drom 730 - 830
  • There is a free bottled water hand-out at the station next Thursday afternoon courtesy of Evian
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