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  • Is that the answer anyway? Just accept that our daily commute just got 15 minutes longer than it used to be? Or are there things that can be done to manage the passenger flow? A meeting would be useful to answer this question. Thanks, Arkady.
  • The bus is less stressful but you do have to allow at least 30mins extra to get into town. Worth it if you can.
    You'll always get a seat at FP.
    The 19 takes in Hi&I, Holborn, Cov Gdn, Piccadilly, Green Park and then the Victoria Line route. 29 is Northern - Charing Cross Branch. 253 will get you to Kings Cross and Euston, and is pretty quick.
  • I don't mind the tube. Walk through the park, 20 mins on tube and I'm there. Bit of a squish but I don't find it stressful. But it is if you can't get on.
  • Changing on the platforms should be ok, it's getting in and out that will be the problem. I always try to get there before 08:00 or from about 09:00 onwards - the other problem since late November is the IR related issues which have led to overtime bans including maintenance staff exacerbating problems as I have seen a lot more trains being taken out of service recently.
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    Mainly cycle but do use the tube quite a bit so have been caught up in the crush.

    I tried Manor House but found I had to wait to get on trains as they were full.

    I think a lot of people change at Finsbury Park so it easier to get on a train
  • @Ali, where is Fondbuty Park?
  • @Arkady - do you know when they will close the Seven Sisters Road entrance/tunnel as I am assuming the new entrance for the station will need to be knocked though at the T junction. The ticket barriers are mostly open at SSR exit even if there is someone sitting in that box looking at their phone.
  • They've never said. I suspect they might be able to get away without doing so by putting a hoarding up against the wall and doing any fiddly work at night.
  • If anyone wants to be invited to the next Finsbury Park Station Users Group meeting please send me your email address via private message or to
  • City North are consulting on the art installation that will form part of the development.

    I favour the Musson & Retallick option.
  • Yeah, that looks like the least bland of the options. The others feel like budget alternatives that will get lost in the background.
  • Shame City North didn't consult on closing Wells Terrace. Bread & Circus all over again.
  • Network Rail and TfL closed Wells Terrace, not City North. They did so in exchange for City North building them a new ticket hall as part of the new development. That is a perfectly sensible exchange, though the length of time between closure and the new entrance opening is not, in my view, even close to reasonable.
  • Seconded Arkady,

    They should have got them to pay for some more cycle racks on the other side of the station while the Wells Terrace end is shut until the year 3030AD too!
  • I keep catching glimpses of the crane from various roads/views through Stroud Green - the end building is going to be a similar height I think to the crane so this is going to appear a monster.

    Work seems to be progressing well.

    Agree about LBI (and to a lesser extent TfL/NR) dropping the ball on having the entrance closed for so long. Thought the one way system seems to be working ok at the moment.

    When are we expecting the step free access to be completed?
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    Yes, I should have emphasised that the ultimate failure was by LBI.

    As for step-free access, I've seen both 2018 and 2019 quoted. The lift works look quite advanced to me.

    I think the new entrance is due in 2019 - opening first onto Goodwin Street and later onto Wells Terrace, but the timetable and phasing seem to shift regularly.

    I can see the tower crane from my flat on Mount View Road. Happily it appears that the towers will obliterate my view of the Barbican.
  • i agree with northnineteen re the one way system. The only time when it doesn't work is when there is a severe problem on the line and that was always a disaster anyway. Having said that, it will be great when the entrance is re-opened. Between that, the lifts, City North and thameslink, the station and its surrounding area will be changing quite a lot! Does anyone have any update on when thameslink should be stopping at FP?
  • December 2019 is the latest I've seen:

    I've noticed the Class 700s a couple of times - a test train at KX over the summer, and one parked up at Hornsey depot a few days ago, so I think that means they're using the tunnels already for stock movements.

    The new Class 717's are supposed to start replacing the ancient Moorgate trains at the end of next year too, but I'll believe it when i see it.

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    December 2018 in the link? Thanks for the info though - it's rather hard to find!
  • I quite like the ancient trains, they feel almost Victorian.
  • Sorry yes, December '18.

    That's an eccentric appreciation HolbornFox.
  • @Arkady absolutely, i also yearn for the slam door trains on the GOBLIN.
  • Crikey it's coming out of the ground quickly. I was away last week, and when I got back tower #3 was already above the height of neighbouring buildings.

    The main basement is a hell of a big hole in the ground.
  • @Arkady When will the work finish? Is it the end of 2019 or will we see something in 2018 too?

    it would be so cool to see some aerial photography or time lapse :-)
  • Anyone have any idea on what cinema/shops/restaurants are going to be there yet?
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    My recollection from the consultation is that the cinema will be a Cineworld, and one of the shops will be a Waitrose (not sure if "Little" or normal)
  • Ha...I always said the gentrification will be complete when Finsbury Park gets an M&S or Waitrose. I guess I won't have to wait long
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    @randomusername Doesn't always work, Holloway Rd has a Waitrose and an M&S. I'm a fan of that stretch, and the bit of Seven Sisters Rd that adjoins it, but gentrified it is not.
  • I'm surprised (and pleased) that M&S food hasn't already opened up somewhere on Stroud Green Road or by the station - it would have cleaned up somewhere like where the Crisis shop is.
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