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  • Given that there is no guaranteed level or ramped access to trains (and occasionally a socking great gap between platform and carriage), I wouldn't expect many people in wheelchairs to attempt to use the network.  I'm not sure I remember ever seeing someone in a wheelchair on the tube.  Arguably, lift access to platforms might relieve some of the congestion caused by people trying to hump big cases up and down the stairs or people with infirmities clutching at the banisters.<span style="font-size: 10pt;"> </span>
  • Step free access is about so much more than wheelchairs, it's for elderly, children in buggies/push chairs, people less able to walk and those with heavy luggage.  An important interchange station such as Finsbury Park should be step free.  Unfortunately, the planners and engineers designing the scheme sometimes forget about all the negative disruption this kind of thing causes.
  • There was work done at FP and lots of other stations just before the Olympics to put short, raised sections on the platforms to allow easy access/egress to/from the trains for wheelchairs/buggies. Granted, at Finsbury Park it really only allows transfer between Victoria/Piccadilly when heading north or south.
  • To my mind this station needs step free access, whatever the disruption may be. The Victirian underground network is long overdue an upgrade in this regard and I don't care what problems this causes in the short term.
  • I agree. The lifts are a great idea.
  • I heard today that it is likely Premier gym (opposite starbucks) will have their lease terminated in 2017 for redevelopment. Will be really sad to see it go, Its nice to have a affordable gym close by and its not that packed. Will be sad to see it go. I guess the coffee shop next door will go to
  • Gadz? @checkski and Jeremy Corbyn will be disappointed.
  • You're right, Miss Annie. Jeremy and I, and many others, will be heartbroken. I hope Sutent is wrong. Hussain devotes his life to that place. PS to Krappy: revenge,  please!
  • Another Gadz' fan here!
  • Am not sure about Gadz but the gym will likely go. They have had a forced termination of the lease. The gym does really well with a lot of income from training up personal trainers
  • Hi @Sutent - who did you hear that from? Most interesting. I'll be sorry to lose that gym, though.
  • Well i guess that the building will be demolished and something else built. they will not leave that one there with city one happening.<div><br></div><div>I am sure they will be able to find another location nearby.</div><div><br></div><div>Even MoreFit is an amazing little place, so that would be a shame if it has to go.</div><div><br></div><div>Anyone knows more about the plan for Clifton House is?</div><div><br></div><div>I found this online: </div><div>"Proposals for new development on the Clifton House site and the adjacent site on the corner of Morris Place and Clifton Terrace should seek to create high quality, animated street frontages at ground floor level. Future development proposals on these sites should respond to the changing character of the Clifton Terrace, Morris Place and Wells Terrace area that is happening as a result of the redevelopment of the John Jones site to the north of this character area and the City North redevelopment at the southern end of the character area"</div><div><br></div><div>Therefore they are definitely demolishing it!</div>
  • In line with the principle of 'clustering', you can expect any redevelopment of that site to mediate between then 6-7 stories of John Jones and the 22-stories of the City North towers. So could be really quite high.
  • Someone at the gym told me. Nothing has been confirmed but it is likely it will happen
  • Do you remember who it was at the gym? I'd like to follow it up (I'm a member there, on your recommendation).
  • Does the demolition include the data centre that is tucked in behind it ?
  • surely it's not that much of a shame - there are plenty of empty commercial properties on the south end of SGR which a decent tenant would easily be able to afford
  • Back on previous topic, I'd have loved a step free station when small person was in pram.
  • @Ali - i somehow doubt it's a datacenter there - but yes, I'd imagine it'll be the entire block from Clifton Terrace to Stroud green road.  There have been a string of proposals to the replace the site of the carwash that were rejected on due to imminent redevelopment of the the rest of the site. As for restaurant premises, aren't the premises of<span style="font-size: 10pt;"> My Cottage Cafe on the market?</span>
  • Yes, there's a discussion about it further down the homepage. Clifton Terrace restaurant for sale.
  • I have been told by planning that it's the entire block, the whole lot. From Clifton to SGR. High rise private flats and maybe a smattering of shops. Selfishly, for my business it will be good to have more people to appeal to in the immediate vicinity, but it isn't nice to see any businessman that is fully committed to serving his local community, as I am, to be forced from his shop.... However the word is 'business', if he is paid well for his lease/plot he may be able to open elsewhere bigger and better!! So fingers crossed they are all looked after!!
  • Any idea of time scale here?<div><br></div><div>Will it be after City North?</div><div><br></div><div>Clifton area will be completely transformed in the next 2-3 years.....It is interesting to see what it will look like :-)</div><div><br></div><div>Shame for the local businesses, but i am sure there will be other areas where they can relocate, and hopefully they ll receive a good payment for the lease end. There are many empty shops on SGR and in the fonthill road area too.</div>
  • Message from Hussain, @ Gadz: WE'LL NEVER CLOSE! He says he' ll probably be moving next door. Phew. Corporate sigh of relief,  if true.
  • edited January 2016
    When he says 'next door'...? Becasue the whole block will go.<div><br></div><div>Tell him to take over 'My Cottage Cafe'.</div>
  • Go in and talk to him,  Arkady. He claims he has another 6 years of contract, and that the landlord(s) have been threatening for years. He poo-poos all talk of development. He's not very easy to talk to, but I assured him you were a good chap, and not up to something nefarious to do with the Cottage Cafe! I think he'll trust you if you mention me, and you might learn more of the inside story - he says he'll show you his contract,  for example. 
  • It would be sad if Gadz went.
  • Well, Liberty Estates seem to be happily moving onto SGR - they are fitting out a new shop there just before the Network Rail Yard.<div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • Victoria line was fun this evening.... got told at H&I the northbound platform at Finsbury Park was closed due to overcrowding and told to get onto the rail.  Then couldn't get on the first train at H&I after waiting 5 minutes, went back to Vic line and had to ride to Seven Sisters and catch a southbound back.  At Seven Sisters I couldn't get on the southbound train...<div><br></div><div>First day of the main northbound stairs being closed, hopefully things will be better tomorrow.... </div>
  • I am so pleased I don't have to travel at peak time. By the time I've finished whatever I'm doing it's usually about 8.30/9ish, was fine coming home then.
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