top celeb spot
  • in the Noble. Simon Pegg...

    ...wearing a hat
  • Top marks.
  • Andy - is it worth creating another version of the Directory ... a map where we can tag celebs and where they were spotted!
  • Ah, a friend saw him in there a few weeks ago as well. Right, I'm going to stake out the place.
  • I could just add a Celeb category, but I don't want to do that without Overlord Andy's permission as he'll try and ban me again for usurping his authority.

  • Not being egotistical here - as I don't see it myself - but people often tell me how I look like Simon Pegg. Including a guy who went to school with him. I think it's just that I usually have stubble, glasses and wear a beanie.

    I really should finish watching Spaced.
  • could people be spotting Matt around stroud green? hence accounting for the dispropportionate number of simon pegg spots.
  • @david - maybe we can unfuckup the old one before making a new one.

    of course, this is very close to the 'gawker stalker' idea

  • and whilst I'm on it, let's steal this idea too

    "I joined Scientology and all I got was this lousy, short, untalented, over-controlling movie star."

    one for David "I have no doubt that your children are extraordinary, but I don't want to hear anything about them."

  • Lucy: sadly I am yet to set foot in The Noble!
  • @andy, what's to unfuck?

  • Walked past Joel Beckett (aka Jake Moon from Eastenders) this morning at Finsbury Park overland station. Not as interesting as Simon Pegg. Let's get a gawker style directory going for Stroud Green!
  • sorry david - i think the map overlay is being bluecoated in the office. it's fine everywhere else.

  • Should have points for taking a photo of them
  • what's with the @andy, @david stuff? Yet another web protocol thing I'm completely unaware of?
  • @lucy - just a way of making sure the person you're replying to in a long thread knows it's you they're referring to...
  • @lucy @four eyes - Also because vanilla doesn't have a "reply-to" feature built in, and the extension for it sucks.
  • @four eyes - thank you.

    But, why not just say:

    lucy - etc.?

    Is putting @ more cool?
  • @ makes it web 2.0
  • John Simm of Life on Mars was in Budgeons a few weeks back. I know it's not really SG but close enough.
  • I saw him in WH Smiths in Brent Cross at Christmas
  • just saw simon pegg smoking a fat cigar at the noble.
  • Cool - now he`s been spotted drinking there twice I think we can establish that The Noble is his new local ... let the stalking begin ;)
  • Hahaha!
  • Did everyone see the C4 programme on Sunday night with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg? Simon Pegg was wearing a CROUCH END tshirt. I got really overexcited and now my boyfriend thinks I fancy Simon Pegg.
  • I saw it and have now started watching spaced for possible SG sightings.
  • Spaced was more Tufnel Park IIR
  • Double Whammy!

    Saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in The Noble last night. They managed to sit behind me for over 2 hours without me realising (friend had clocked them but was being "cool") and I only noticed when Simon Pegg came back from the toilet!

    I would have spent longer talking about ACTING in a loud voice if I'd known.
  • I'm a bit concerned at the pedestal Mr Pegg seems to have been put on in this forum. It would probably scare him.

  • It scares me, and I only look like him (allegedly)

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