Old Dairy Closure

Hi everyone, sad news, it looks like the Old Dairy is permanently closed.



  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Stapleton Tavern is better. May a new owner will improve the Old Dairy at some point.
  • Here's hoping it isn't turned into flats. It's a massive pub, must be hard to get decent returns on it.
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    It's not the best aesthetic shape either, it would be a good space to be sub divided with popups like Camden Stables and keep the bar in the middle.

    Or stick a brewery in half of it with the coppers on show.
  • Take away tha massive football telly, but then I don't go to a pub to watch football. I don't watch football at all.
  • I quite liked it and am sad it's gone.
  • I was at its opening night about 2000. I really liked it. Haven't been in it for ages but it did seem to go downhill when they subdivided it into pub/gastropub around ten years or more ago.
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    I shan't miss it. Whenever I have to leave a pub because the music is ear-splittingly loud (as was the case with the Old Dairy a year ago), it stays firmly on my shit-list until it either burns down (for which I usually hope) or has a change of management (which is the next best thing.)
  • It's quite a big pub so I wonder whether Weatherspoons might buy it
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    Is it owned by Green King and are they selling it?

    Marstons own over 90% of their sites freehold apparently, it would be good if they bought it.
  • It is still on the Greene KIng web site. I didn't know that they own the Worlds End and the Maynards Arms as well
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    I knew about the Maynard, it used to be branded with their insignia, they also own the Stapleton and lease it to Antic from memory (and I think they might own Antic anyway).

    Bigger problem is that the new Chinese owners have already said they are going to dispose of some of the pubs.
  • Wetherspoons? Please NO!!!
  • Wetherspoons created the White Lion (as the White Lion of Mortimer) in the 1980s. The property wasn’t a pub before then. It started off being quite decent, fashioned in the basic Victorian pub style, although nowhere near as sumptuous as the Salisbury (a real Victorian pub) must have been at its height, and the designer went over the top with a ridiculous indoor lamppost! It went through few changes of decor (generally down-market), and I’m not sure at which point Wetherspoons dumped it, but I suspect they considered it too small for their business, and I wonder if the Old Dairy would suffice in that respect.

    The cons of Wetherspoons, going by my experience of a handful of them over a few years: The stink of beer-sodden carpets combined with the smell of cooked food (there was time when pubs were for drinking, not full-blown dining), bar staff who don’t speak sufficient English or don’t know a lager from a stout, the dodgy character of their owner, TVs, gaming machines… ah, wait a minute! Pretty close to most other pubs these days! At least you can still get a decent pint of bitter at a Wetherspoons.
  • The original White Lion of Mortimer in its early Wetherspoons 1980s incarnation was a cracking pub. It was divided into three, with a gentle faux Victorian vibe, high shelves of books-by-the-yard, an all-round bar and a real fire at the back. I don't recall music or fruit machines. The bar to the right resembled the 'public' with a cheaper ambience perfect for the special breed of SG hard drinkers, but the back was posher under the skylight. A journalist friend once wrote it up in a colour magazine as 'the perfect pub' along the lines of George Orwell's the Moon Under the Water.

    It went badly downhill after Wetherspoons inexplicably redesigned it to resemble an airport lounge with hard edges and plastic surfaces, put the bar in a long counter like a student union down the side, with annoying pillars that got in the way. The posh drinkers deserted it for the Stapleton and Old Dairy. The young crowd went to the FF. It soon became a place regularly visited by a police van on a Friday night. My wife refused to go there. One Christmas I went for a drink outside with someone I know from the posher end of SG, we stood out the front with the street drinkers, and he tried to hide his face lest he was seen drinking there.

    Pros: the bar staff were actually always excellent, the beer well kept and everything dirt cheap.

    Cons: see above.

    I look forward to seeing it's new post-pandemic reincarnation.

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    The Old Dairy was a great pub its first decade or so. I lived around the corner and was at its opening night in 99. Seems like another century. Oh! It was. Great beer. I always found the staff friendly. People complained they weren't and only served the young and good looking. Maybe I was that. I know that's privilege. But hey you richies sometimes don't always have it all. There are things money can't buy. Kinda joking there.

    Regarding the Old Lion. Of Mortimer. There was a time, not far back in Stroud Green history/herstory that this was one of the roads staring pubs. The Stapleton was full of dodgy Ibiza wideboys and gals. A friend was broken into more near Holloway way in the early nineties. He shared the flat with his brother. There was mistaken identity as two guys got them to stand in their underwear in the sitting room before realising they had the wrong guys. My older friend then a few months later went into the Stapleton in the nineties ten years before it went trendy and realised the manager was one of guys who broke into his flat waving a baseball bat in a probable gangland feud. Anyhow the Old Lion was full of old Irish and Jamican boys, middle class in another corner, and odds and sods scattered around.

    Stroud Green is grotty Society of the Spectacle cesspool now. When some poncy Italian market came to the village. Sorry inner city, it all went downhill. Jumpers over Shirts. Tacky Sugar Lounge. It's the the song and dance of London. Nero fiddled while Rome burnt. Ciao.
  • to end that rather odd rant with 'ciao' is interesting.
  • Come on AtomGallery. Rome. Ciao. Irony. Blow it up on the walls. Ciao Farmers Italian Market Cheap white wine at Gallery Opening.

    An idea for an installation. A tub in the centre of the gallery. Men with beards with jumpers over shirts jumping on grapes. In the corner an estate agent on an ironic big 1980s calculator. But ale being given as free drink as a juxtaposition.
    This could be the Tracy Emin Bed of the 2020s. But instead of sensation, it's all a submission to commerce and the spectacle.
  • Buy the way or is that by the way, or btw, I know Tracy Emin is into commerce but the spectacle and art handn't been consumed in the 90s. Well craft and pottery is where it's at.
  • Unfortunately you have left me far behind.
  • The Sugar Lounge site is now I think Yaki and Yeti and before was it the Chapter One bar
  • Kreuzkav have you been drinking too deeply of the Home Brew again?
  • Indeed, was it the juice or the Joyce?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Lockdown will return the area to the 1980s and there will be no reopening of the old dairy unless we fight this tyranny and say no to vaxx passports and all that crap.

    .....whatever you have been smoking or drinking it must be good.
  • I don't think it's lockdown returning the area to the 80s, it's more the pandemic that necessitates the lockdown.

    kreuzkav, I wear jumpers over shirts, and liked Italian Farmers! Where shall we meet to duel? Wray Crescent cricket pitch at dawn?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    .......a matter of opinion.
  • Carry on. I do love to see a good spat.
  • Well, krappy, I am not sure it'll be a good one (or one at all). grenners and I have disagreed in the past and while I don't think they are a horrible or mean-spirited person I think our views are so different that there is not much point in engaging. I don't see much point in a discussion with someone who lists Alex Jones as one of their sources for information. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Jones
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I'm too busy for a scrap. However, I don't think I've ever listed Alex Jones as a source of information. I don't watch him. Try UK Column News.
  • grenners, I have gone back to the comment which mentioned Alex Jones to check, and it was not you. Sincere apologies. I was mistaken.
  • End of scrap. Sad face.
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