[The Goods Office] What will The Triangle restaurant site become?



  • @Ali, isn't that just like telling parents & kids to go elsewhere or go earlier? I'd be delighted if people only took children to restaurants between 10am & noon or between 3-5pm but that is a bit unreasonable. I regularly eat with babies & young children as I have a host of godchildren around the country. Fortunately they have all been taught good manners.
  • If you go to a certain kind of restaurant you are less likely to have kids there, I'm thinking fancy or gastro rather than neighbourhood. Also if you go at 8.30pm, you'll be less likely to encounter them than at 7pm. I bet you don't get many kids in Season at 8.30pm, for example.
  • I don't want to go to fancy restaurants. I just want to find a peaceful spot for occasional lunch.
  • **Isn't that just like telling parents & kids to go elsewhere or go earlier? ** Not really, as those parents and kids aren't objecting to anyone else's presence in the restaurant.
  • I was including Season in the fancy bracket. You can't possibly get that many kids in there.
  • I would say it would be a safe bet to say that more meals have been enjoyed less as a result of the behaviour of other adults than perhaps a child having a tantrum as there are more adults. Everyone has a right to enjoy a meal out in pleasant circumstances, and there will always be exceptions.
  • There was a child in Season last time I went. I noticed because I thought "Wow, she's not much older than mine. Maybe in a couple of years we'll be able to enjoy a family meal out one evening too". She was behaving perfectly. So unless she and Miss Annie's godchildren are all Italian, there are children in this country who can behave and an outright ban on children in restaurants is a bit hasty.
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    I think it's a shame that children in this country are encouraged to eat at healthy establishments such as McDonald's and Harvester.
  • Well I suppose McDonald's can be healthy if you go for the salad and hold the dressing. I mean are there really that many kids clogging up the cafés of Stroud green? Not in my experience. Crouch End is a different story of course, but fortunately we don't live there.
  • A few local friends and I are hoping the triangle becomes a good daytime cafe/ restaraunt .
  • so to bring this back to the thread about the triangle and away from the kids...I heard this week on my shopping travels around SG from a source that Londis have brought the triangle and will probably be expanding into it making a bigger supermarket...maybe flats above..? source was 'in the know' that they had bought the place....other information that came through is that business at season hasn't been looking good for a while....
  • I think the bloke who owns londis has owned the whole lot for years.
  • I noticed while passing on the Parkland Walk today, that there does indeed seem to be a bit of outside space at the back of the Triangle. Looked like there was plenty of work going on inside
  • The Londis people have bought the building and will be demolishing it and building flats above which will externally match the rest of terrace. There will be a new restaurant below with the original frontage rebuilt to give it some character.
  • Are they demolishing it now? It didn't particularly look like a demolition job
  • Also, will it match the hideous new builds opposite?
  • Who's doing the restaurant?
  • I remember the planning application for the demolition and rebuild. Forgot about that.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Excellent. In my opinion the Triangle Restaurant needed to be put out of its misery. Hopefully we will get something in its place which we can all enjoy. I think the owners of Londis do a very good job, by far the best local shop I have lived near to in my time in London. So I have high hopes they will let the ground floor restaurant to a suitable concept for the area that will do well. Or perhaps they will run their own operation there.....
  • Londis is a great shop because it is eye-wateringly expensive and has people in the area who are willing to pay. Do they still have trolleys? I loved to see people doing their weekly shop in there.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Londis is not expensive, milk is as cheap as any of the major supermarkets, my favourite cereal is cheaper there than in Morrisons and Sainsbury's. Also it's a good option for those who have little time to mess around going elsewhere.
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  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Maybe they will sell quinoa and black bean chips in the new cafe. I can sit in there, probably drinking latte or possibly vita coco and nibbling on organic hummus, I can watch you scuffle past on your way to a charity shop or dragging huge Tesco bags full of baked beans back to your lair.
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  • In two carrier bags...la la la
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    You can get away without scanning the bags, that'll save you 5p per bag.
  • Season Kitchen has posted a tantalising video on Instagram of the inside of the Triangle restaurant (still a building site), with a message saying 'more plans afoot' - exciting times!
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