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  • My comment really wasn't meant to be a complaint.. Having been here 20 years I still think Stroud Green is great, and for exactly the reasons cited by @cmo.
  • Can confirm Piccolo Diavolo is now open in its new location the old La Porchetta.

    Stopped in and said hello on way past last night, looks nice in there - will go in for dinner next week.

    It's step up in terms of space and an example of a long-standing local business taking a risk and expanding, lend it your support folks if you can.

    Help it become the success that Petek became when he also took the gamble of expanding all those years back.
  • I see the hemp shop is taking shape now as well.
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    Chill out, we've just got differing opinions. I've lived in far worse places most of my life but that's not the point. Stroud Green rd doesn't shit the sun either and the discussion is about making it better as there's room for improvement; including tips for those running delis, don't be overpriced.
  • the Irish pub was called the Osborn, the White Lion was a car showroom, dont want to split hairs but I remember closing at 3 and opening at 5 50 and sundays closed 2 30 to 7..happy days!
  • It also used to be different hours in the City with closing quite early on a Friday night. I can remember lock ins on a Friday afternoon in the Prince of Wales in Warren Street frequented by the likes of Jimmy Knap and Mick MCGahey as their offices where just along the road near Euston Square tune station. Those were revolutionary times which might be back on us before we know it
  • And from the corner of Tollington Park/SGR up to Hanley?Stapleton Hall Road there were two banks (Midland and Barclays), a proper furniture store, a drapers shop, a bakery, a fishmonger, and a hardware shop occupied the glazed corner plot of the Old Diary run by a bloke who I think ran a Saturday kids football club. There was a general store on the corner of Mount Pleasant Crescent and Victoria Road. Stapleton Hall was the home of the local Conservative Club. [Do Conservative Clubs even exist anymore?]
  • I wasn't complaining either.

    @AtomGallery, as I was expressing my personal attitude towards the Deli, it was indeed all about me, as I was stating why I—not anyone else—rarely go there; if it's closing, it might be because aren't enough patrons around who are prepared to pay Highgate prices for bijou sausages the size of a cat's penis. Yes, it's a shame that people lose their jobs when a place closes down, to say nothing of whatever dreams the owner(s) may have had, but perhaps it will be replaced by a more viable enterprise which will also provide employment.

    As for it being "a visible indication of somewhere that is prospering and would be a nice place to live", I agree with @fwiw. An area that prospers and is a nice place to inhabit is not necessarily one that sustains high prices. For me the Deli is overpriced, but even if you argue that the quality of their food warrants the prices, then we go back to the possibility that they're in the wrong area. Probably why Fortnum's is in Piccadilly, not SGR.

    Nonetheless, I wasn't saying it should close down; I wasn't complaining about it being there; I was just saying it didn't matter to me whether it was there or not. If AtomGallery, cmo and Chrisd are happy to bankroll the place, that's just ducky!

    No whinging or moaning? That's how we become aware of other people's feelings about SGR! It might even help push things in a better direction. No, no, no, let's all take our soma, and pretend there's absolutely nothing wrong with SGR, then these forums will be so much more interesting, and we can all feel warm and fluffy. Oh yes, and then without such discussion, things are bound to get better.
  • Pound shop? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The cafe that opened across from the goods office seems to be a pizza place now.
    I think...
  • Anyone tried the relocated Piccolo Diavolo, it seemed quite busy as I wondered past on Saturday evening. The Vietnamese only had two people in it. For some reason it is not as popular as it used to be.
  • The Vietnamese (Que Me) is not as good as it used to be. QED.
  • There are two across from the goods office. Cafe 77 and the new pizza place/cafe...
  • went to Piccolo Diavolo on Saturday, staff were very friendly and efficient,, pretty impressive since they had opened on Tuesday. Good pasta, a little expensive but thats what we always thought of the old place..will definitely go again as the pizzas looked excellent. Favourite italian in the vicinity still Cinquecento on Holloway Rd
  • @mountpelephant amazingly unobservant of me. That's 2mins from my house
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    I spoke to the manager of Tenmaru, the new ramen place on Clifton Terrace yesterday - super friendly and looking forward to a soft opening at the end of this month. They are apparently going to diverge from the current trend of tonkotsu (rich, pork-based) ramen and go for a lighter chicken-based broth instead.
  • It looks like Traiteur has closed and rumours are we’re getting a West Indian offering.
  • The people at Piccolo Diavolo are really nice and make an effort; it feels bizarrely like La Porchetta did in the old days, when it had a genuine buzz and before the silly renovation. So I would recommend giving it a try.

    Therattle above is absolutely right: sadly Que Me went downhill in both the standards of the food and the service.
  • I was in Bradford a few weeks ago. That is the definition of a run down high street, 3 in 5 shops boarded up and very clear neglect and lack of investment. Beautiful old buildings but zero signs of any chance of regeneration. Very sad. We are extremely lucky to live here.
  • I agree Miss Annie. it's the same in the midlands, where my parents are. Their high street and daily market has folded. In all the places I've seen across London, east to west, north to south, over the past few years, in comparison London has not been affected....
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    Walthamstow and Romford markets are shadows of their former selves, I used to work on Walthamstow.

    To be fair i blame TK Maxx and Primark for the downtown but still they were thriving.
  • Had a great coffee at Deli 80 this walks in and asks...'are you closing'? 'no not at all the lady replied'. 'It says online you're closing' - 'Don't believe the shit you read'....end of conversation, man walks out....
  • Butlers seems to have opened looks very like the Framers place that used to be in that until. Hope they make a go of it
  • Looks like Season is closing at the end of the week... not sure what the reason behind it is
  • Neil has been running it with a skeleton crew until the building is closed for redevelopment.
  • I hope it will come back? Anyone know?
  • Not according to Neil. The other chaps have moved on and he's considering getting out of the business entirely.
  • that's a shame. everywhere should have a classic neighbourhood place like season or osteria tufo. figured both would be around forever...
    guessing Neil a bit disillusioned after all the fuckery with gilly's fry bar?
  • @bigspoon what was the fuckery? I loved it then I heard it was opening in Soho...
  • Funding was non-forthcoming in a competitive market. Yeah I think disillusioned is the right word.
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