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  • Although they do not work together Kris works for Tollington Services (sort of connected to Ben).  He is busy so needs booking in advance. If you look at their website you see one for Services one for Plumbing.  
    in Plumber Comment by coling October 2014
  • I took quests to Y&Y on Friday night and the food was excellent. I think they are still having a few teething issues, but the overall service more than made up for these small issues. Although we were prepared and expected to wait 20 min for the…
  • As I just posted on another thread, the option to vote for a change was almost non-existent. Same people and safe seats.  Maybe a few independents would move things along - jward for local council? 
  • I think the low turnout on the Islington side of the tracks is due to the lack of choice. You had a chance to vote for the status quo or not vote.
  • Nothing to do with the deli - where is Tony's? Sounds like a good place to check out. 
  • Thanks for the info - a good location near a pub sounds great.  Looking at it on the map I didn't even know that pub existed. Good be 2 good finds in one question. 
  • Like most people I didn't buy a ticket ahead of time - where is the best place to see the fireworks from if you are not in the park? Does the ticketing mean no access to the park all day from 2pm? 
  • Don't get me wrong, I am all for calming the mini cab traffic doing uturns and picking up passengers all night on residential streets, but this proposal won't solve that issue. Proper control of noise from businesses might be a solution, not creatin…
  • I noticed the comment about counting cars.  I think these numbers are probably correct but not from rat runs, but instead from mini cabs.  At any point there can be 6 or more parked on Corbyn Street, not using it as a rat run but waiting while they …
  • I just wanted to keep this up to date. I used Ben for some work based on this website's recommendation. He was on time, polite, informative and his rates are reasonable. I would recommend him for any work.  It was just a small job, but he came on sh…
  • A cable burned out somewhere at the beginning of corbyn street. You can see the hole left where they did the work. Apparently they are coming back to do a permanent solution - this is temporary. I don't know if that means another outage.  I was with…
    in power cuts? Comment by coling April 2013
  • I saw someone mention Balti King and thought I should add a comment. We used to order from there and enjoyed the food. The last experience was not good. They did not deliver part of the order, and when called said it will be with you in 40 min or yo…
    in Curry Wars Comment by coling March 2013
  • Sorry - just didn't want to feel left out as SGR is where we walk to do our local shopping.  Saying that I wish there was more along Hornsey Rd as alot of shopfronts are being turned into flats.  The few shops/restaurants who provide good service co…
  • This comment relates to an old posting , but looking through the thread I just noticed a map.  It shows the 'proposed boundary'  for Stroud Green going along Hornsey Road, then jutting in to Bracey Street.  Is someone honestly thinking the last 5 ho…
  • Not sure if this will help as the posting is from last Dec, but at the recent ward meeting we were informed the Noise Hotline was being combined with other anti-social hotlines and would be manned 24 hours.  I do not know if it was with immediate ef…
  • Thanks all - yes it is a shame Ally Pally doesn't put them on anymore. 
  • Had my first experience of secret supper clubs last night - thanks to cristian. It was a great experience, not just the food but the mix of people. One couple recommended another supper club with Punjabi food -- if they read this can they remind me …
  • What is WLM? And how does one know they are rent?
    in Men Only Comment by coling April 2012
  • For the person who mentioned Punkeydoodles Corner - it is near Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario.  You will notice alot of German names to places as Kitchener was called Berlin Ontario before WW1.    
  • I used green earth who are local and were recommended on this site before. He was willing to do small jobs, not just complete overhauls. 
  • It would be a good start to get to know neighbours. If there is a huge response we can always move it to a pub, but I'd be up for a round robin of socialising. C
  • I used green-earth to do some tree trimming based on comments on this site and was very pleased. They showed up on time for the quote, got back to me that day to book the appt and showed up on time for that. He is happy to do small local jobs and le…
    in Garden help Comment by coling June 2011