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  • I have a few left over from when we moved out in 2012. I wonder if they are still valid?
  • I thought I'd been an early adopter but looks like I wasn't a member until April 2007. There used to be membership numbers next to our profiles and I *think* I was number 57. I met Andy through this excellent site he invented and still very much in …
    in Ten years! Comment by Ian October 2016
  • I did. Lived in n4 for many years, moved to the countryside. Love it. Miss the odd thing but upside of quality of life, peace and quiet, space very much worth it. Lifestyle adjusts quickly, and wouldn't dream of going back now. Still check in he…
  • Hello @missannie I'm still lurking...
    in ian the cat. Comment by Ian January 2014
  • Brilliant name for anything. Including cats.
    in ian the cat. Comment by Ian January 2014
  • We are BT Infinitied up. You would weep at our hyper-local site though.
  • I still check in Andy. Proving your point.
  • O oh Park Theatre - time to have a word with the new PR company about their community engagement strategy ...
  • It was a weak gag based on Coldplay lyrics, the grammar of it is by the by. On another note the concert this evening was unbelievably loud. As a consequence my toddler is still awake, watching TV to calm her down. In her bedroom I could even hea…
    in Coldplay Comment by Ian June 2012
  • Ahhh that's what it was. I could hear some Jerusalem bells and, I think, at one point a Roman Choir piped up so should have guessed it was Coldplay.
    in Coldplay Comment by Ian June 2012
  • Yea, right "BT Hotspots". Those are the things my iPhone latches onto only to be told there is no internet access. I spend my life going to settings to "forget network".
  • Be slightly careful though - you do need a licence for watching TV live online, just not as you say catch up (i.e. BBC iPlayer). Easy for them to check if they do decide to prosecute as well - just check with your broadband supplier if you ever ac…
    in tv trouble Comment by Ian April 2012
  • The switchover means that the signal should be much better - the signal strength was turned up a lot and it doesn't have the same glitches of interference of analogue. At the same time they stuck a new transmitter on the top of BT tower. Before swit…
    in tv trouble Comment by Ian April 2012
  • Dried curry leaves are absolutely fine, and as people have said lime leaves you get fresh and freeze in little bags.
  • I usually get my curry leaves from clockhouse store in Crouch End.
  • It's not just they are surly - they also have almost no interest in scanning products. They are much more interested in chatting to their fellow workers and wandering aimlessly about. When they are there at all as others have said - it is fully staf…
  • We were saying the same thing leaving the park last week. They should make it perspex across the bridge, seems a great shame you can't see the trains and the view to the south including the ground.
  • To be clear, there is only one bollard I monitor - that is the one. The rest are on their own.
    in Bollards Comment by Ian April 2012
  • The bollard is already fixed back in place. The internet is a magical thing.
    in Bollards Comment by Ian April 2012
    in Bollards Comment by Ian April 2012
  • Man down MAN DOWN. Photo later...
    in Bollards Comment by Ian April 2012
  • A bottle now sits in my kitchen.
  • I accidentally walked into the elephant walking down that road last week. Only once I'd grumbled inside that the hedge bumped oddly into the road did I realise I had been glanced by a local landmark.
  • It did for my Virgin + box as well.
    in Powercut? Comment by Ian April 2012
  • People tried reason, it failed unfortunately so thanks for stepping in.
  • It's certainly can't be business slang for "running all the checkouts at peak time".
  • There is an open source software to check what is on your channel and whether it might be interfering:
  • We sometimes get this, but usually only on my PC - the apple products we have are fine. This leads me to the suspicion that it is something to do with the way Windows and iOS get their IP addresses. Like all computer equipment routers need a boot ev…