The Stapleton Tavern

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I did do a search for a thread about it specifically, but couldn't see one. Apologies if there is one already.<br><br>I know it's not a new pub for those who've been on here a while but I think it's great, and much improved. They have some really nice ales on at the moment (try inferno) and it's a good place for watching football without being too lary.<br><br>The food is nice, and the staff are too. Definitely my favourite local at the moment.<br><br>I don't work there by the way!<br><br>


  • Dear Stapleton<div><br></div><div>On Friday night I witnessed a woman knocking the top off one of your lamps and short circuiting the other lights nearby, plunging drinkers opposite the bar into darkness. Her husband told me not to grass, but I will, for a free pint, identify her for you if you wish.</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks</div><div><br></div><div>Barnesbq aka Grass</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • I saw someone stealing a book from the shelf by the fire once too. Same offer, I grass, you give me a pint of Inferno.<br>
  • There is loads of stuff in there that I've got my magpie eyes on. The picnic basket in particular, and a few knick knacks. If I was ever to go in for rioting and looting that's what I'd loot, you can keep your flat screen tellys a nice bit of bric a brac is what the world needs more of.
  • @miss annie,<div><br></div><div>I do wish we had a good second hand furniture store. Now we have a florist that and a deli and a bakery would make me happy. Oh, and a bookshop of course. And a second hand bookshop. </div>
  • Yes, Aladdin's Cave up at Sunnyside Park isn't bad but I wish we had one like that place next to Planet Organic on Essex Rd - it's brilliant and not overpriced at all.
  • @Mirandola, have you been to Riley's Emporium at the bottom of Crouch Hill? They have some decent stuff sometimes. There's also the Stepping Out Shop on Seven Sisters Road - I bought my piano from there when they had a shop on SGR.
  • <p>Stepping Out on Seven Sisters has been gone for ages - it's a Tesco now.</p>
  • Another vote for Stapes here. I really like it. The staff are always friendly, the food is great and it's not too pricey.<br>
  • miss annie you would have to wrestle me out of the way for that basket. I also like the fish ornament in the large room.<br><br>It's my favourite pub too. The atmosphere, beer, food and look of the place - all really good.<br>
  • Oh and I really miss Stepping Out. There's another one up on Tottenham High Road, if you can be bothered to go up there. Huge room of furniture out the back. I think the Seven Sisters Rd one went to Waltham X or somewhere when Tesco moved in.<br>
  • lovely pub thumb up from me, such a difference to when it was the Larrick. 
  • I like the burgers, those sweet potato wedges are niiice.<br><br><br><br><br>
  • I'm not one for rash hyperbole, but I've been known to say that the Stapleton (officially classed by us as our local, although we live on Shaftesbury Rd) is the Nicest Pub in the World.<br><br>Anyone got any objections to that?<br>
  • I wouldn't go that far<br>
  • Er no, no. To borrow from John Lennon: it isn't even the best pub in Stroud Green. <br>
  • It might be... Where's better?<br><br><br>
  • Well for one the Dairy frankly. I was a Noble first person for most of my time here but have not taken to the new regime. The Dairy is a really well run nice pub with a great manager in Adam, and the only reason I preferred the Noble was the smaller venue and quieter vibe. Stapleton is fine, but for me the layout doesn't quite work and the service has been a bit variable. <br>
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    Adam's gone. Dairy a bit too family now, but still a great pub.<br><br>Noble was better before.<br><br>I agree that the Stapleton is a bit big but I haven't had any service problems there.<br><br>I reckon it currently rules!<br>
  • I've never been there actually. Is it any good?<br>
  • Ian's right, as per
  • I vote the Stapelton as one of my favourite pubs ever. The Dairy doesn't have anywhere near the nice atmosphere and while the Fullback does have the amazing garden in summer, the beer is distinctly less impressive. Also, its size is fantastic - I've only ever been once where I couldn't find a seat.
  • It's our favourite pub in Finsbury Park too. We used to go almost on a daily basis just after the refurb, and were often one of two or three tables there during the week. Great little pub, the atmosphere is the nicest in the area. <div><br></div>
  • I don't know why but I've never warmed to the Dairy. I don't like the way that unless I specify house, they always give me a more expensive wine. Not sure if that's policy or I've just been unlucky. Other than that I've got no complaints, it's a nice pub, it just doesn't do it for me. <br>
  • The Old Dairy don't serve baked beans with a Full English. No one is above baked beans.
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    There was a proper brawl in the dairy on Sunday afternoon.  Quite impressive if you weren't too close.<br><br>Oh and the fullback is probably my favourite pub in all of london town. Get one of the tables in the main bar on a saturday afternoon, a couple of Guinness and some decent company and there's not many places I'd rather be.<br>
  • <u>Stapleton Tavern</u><br>Pros:<br>Ambience<br>Staff<br>Community feel<br>Ales<br>Food<br>Sense of history<br><br>Cons:<br>It really misses the original partitions, and can feel a bit too 'echoey'<br><br><u>Old Dairy</u><br>Pros:<br>Wide choice of ales<br>Unusual and beautiful interior<br><br>Cons:<br>Service can sometimes be a bit hit&miss.<br>Sometimes the ales aren't up to scratch.<br>They let the whole pub be taken over by big sports screens, unlike the Stapleton.<br>Like a pram grande prix at weekends.<br><u><br>Fullback</u><br>Pros: <br>Amazing and varied interior.<br>Good, cheap Thai food<br><br>Cons:<br>Always rammed<br>The front bar always smells damp/stale<br>Only ale is poorly-kept London Pride<br><br><u>The Noble</u><br>Pros:<br>Quiet<br>No screens<br>Always has Deuchers - the best non-rotated ale in SG<br><br>Cons:<br>Food excessively expensive<br>Lacks atmosphere<br>
  • Moray Arms Pros Interesting location Unusual service and drinks Sense of history Characters Ghostly decor Moray road crowd goin bonkers Overspill from Fonthill bar Cons No crisps dirty alley outside Something flat about it Brassy types at weekends No dog's allowed Odd shop next door Overspill from Fonthill bar I can never find it
  • I'd have thought the Moray Arms cons would also include the fact that it's been flats since about 2010.
  • @digistu - good point, well made
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