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  • I commute to Essex on the Stansted Express. My partner works from home, and maintains that there's always an enormous queue in the post office no matter what time of day.
  • Another excellent Dhonia meal on Tuesday. I highly recommend the garlic beans and the Goan fish curry. They've stopped bringing me the free beers though. I suppose a good takeaway knows not to be an enabler.
    in Dhonia Comment by gargoyle April 2009
  • Wish you hadn't suggested this. I now can't find a tactful way to end an awkward conversation with a kindly Belgian pensioner who likes American football.
  • You're not alone, David. I do enjoy Broadway Market, but the whole street is the brainchild of a particularly mercenary property developer who turfed out all the shops and cafes that had been there for years in 2004/05. He was my friend's landlord…
  • Yes, some need more/different motivation than others. Having consistently failed to go to the gym despite its being so close to my flat I can almost see it from my window, I will be grateful for military intervention into my fitness regime. In fac…
  • Don't like the sound of those!
  • I haven't found Dhonia curries oily. I agree about the Thaitanic ones, though - or at least the one I tried, a green curry which was not only oily, but also had that vague taste of over-watery powdered soup, and featured slimy, gristly chicken chunk…
    in Dhonia Comment by gargoyle March 2009
  • I go to the Vale Centre at the Clocktower Mecical Centre in Crouch End, and haven't had trouble getting appointments. Harry Webb there is very good (and not just because he is the Clark Kent to Cliff Richard's Superman).
  • Excellent, I've just about persuaded myself to go. But will they make me do press-ups?
  • It's not on the map yet - to my shame I couldn't work out how to put it on. Any pointers?
    in Dhonia Comment by gargoyle March 2009
  • I like Image, which does very good alterations. I had a nasty experience with Stay Press 2. I took them a large duvet to be washed (not even dry-cleaned, just washed in a large washer) and they asked for 14 quid up front. I came back when they'd …
  • The White Lion of Mortimer has free Wifi - and fish and chips for 3 quid! When my broadband was down one day, I worked from the White Lion - and it was lovely! Lots of gentle drunks quietly doing the crossword. It was much easier to concentrate t…
  • Hello! I'm about to move to Stroud Green from New York, with my partner and our cat. We've had to sort out accomodation from the other side of the Atlantic, and are considering a flat in Wall Court (which the estate agents failed to mention to us …