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  • yep, Blythwood Rd - big increase in speeding cars here, especially at rush hour times.
  • a dystopic technological future. of course these glasses won't be used for spotting "dissidents" will they?
  • Shame that the fab Kally food stall seems to have gone - any news of their return? Came last week and got fed some kimchi by a local stall, then he casually mentioned there was fish in it. As a vegetarian for more than 30 years, had to spit it out.…
  • despite my earlier comments i DO have sympathy where a small business is trying to take over an empty building - and the sort of socially conscious squatters i know do actually leave reasonably in those circumstances - they also tend to negotiate wi…
  • not wanting to take away from this, but for anyone looking for bike advice and service i would ALSO recommend micycle opposite the Londis on SG end of ferme park road. lovely folk and reasonable too. so looks like we have two great choices and never…
  • a great start. some yummy vegan food and some good organic produce.
  • Zen is a bit pricey but worth looking at if you want fast speeds and really good service. I've been with them a few years and only had a couple of outages, both BT's fault. They are good on any tech support and always answer the phone.
  • squatting domestic property is now a criminal offence, even if the owner is a foreign investor with no intention to use the property to live in. squatting commercial property that lays empty is perfectly legal (although breaking and entering isn't…
  • yep, at the risk of making him so popular and busy that he won't be available when we need him, i'd add my props for chris.
  • anything to force a move away from private vehicle ownership and onto sustainable transport, seems like a good thing to me. anyone heard of climate change? close more roads, pedestrianise and green them. another world IS possible - you just need to …
  • i'll add a thumbs up for chris. took a while to arrange but we weren't rushed and he prioritised emergencies so wasn't a problem as we only wanted new cistern, sink and vanity unit fitted. personable chap, best quote, turned up exactly on time, and …
  • ah, shame those maps are so old. i got quite excited we had our very own gang on the holly park estate - i had no idea - and such a cool name too - "yungas bout monies" - way cooler than the local "crouch hall court" gang - clearly unimaginative lad…
  • any recommendations for shoe repairs nearby now?
  • not sure if this is the same petition, so flagging it up too. 7th is deadline indeed.
  • i'm with Papa L re his comments about Catherine West and Richard Watts. I've had many dealings with them in the past and have found them to be extremely self-serving, evasive, and will say anything to look good while being very low on delivery. Bu…
  • until today i would have wholeheartedly recommended our wonderful cleaner, but she's just told us she's moving to cornwall in ten days time, so now i'm in same boat. any recommendations?
    in Flat cleaning Comment by rikki May 2015
  • i used to be a regular at dream river, when run by the lovely ali and friends. the new owners had a hard act to follow, but really could be quite rude, and yes the price hike did it for me. now hanging out at boulangerie where the staff are lovely a…
  • ta for that. will try them.
  • we still have our fab cleaner. wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. she can always do with a spot more work.
  • i've sent you message.
  • In renaming what was essentially the brutal murder of mainly working-class people, as sacrifice, the delusions and lies around both world wars are perpetuated and form the excuse for further 'just wars', which in hindsight and invariably, have alway…
  • thanks vetski and n19 - i'll try following it up with richard watts.
  • UPDATE: i don't know whether i can take all the credit, but i'd certainly like to think that an aggressive social media campaign i've been waging along with a couple of friends has finally led to ArthouseN8 doing the right thing and joining the inc…
    in [...] Comment by rikki October 2014
  • vetski, i'm intrigued by your comment that the police "refused" to enforce speed limit. i'd like to follow this up. have you any further info/documentation?
  • i went there a couple of days ago and interviewed darren and took some pics. loved the fact he'd had a threat from speedy cash over trademark infringement. i wrote a little piece about it on my blog.…
  • yes, the 20mph limit on crouch hill seems largely ignored and never to my knowledge enforced. a pointless waste of paint and signage unless accompanied by serious enforcement and re-education of motorists.
  • Yes, given that all these huge festivals must be raising a lot of money by privatising the park and expelling local users on so many occasions, when are we going to see something in return?
  • just to clarify, yes, this cinema has put out info claiming their staff are paid "above minimum wage", and not on zero hour contracts, however, they are paid well below the london living wage, and in such a rich area as crouch end, this is unforgive…
    in [...] Comment by rikki September 2014
  • i'm not so bothered by the noise, for same reason as skev303, but the closing of oxford street gate is a total p-take. no warning, no advance notice, just closed by security who are following orders and not worth taking it out on. over the summer…
  • there's a campaign going on across london. it started with curzon cinemas (who had a shocking relationship with their workers, and are now at last beginning to negotiate with BECTU after some interventions from comic activist mark thomas). it's n…
    in [...] Comment by rikki April 2014