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  • I really miss the sound of the diesel accelearation. It was one of the true pleasures in life
  • Yes, I remember the sound of diesel. There used to be a suburban Adlestropian quaintness about my Sunday afternoon journeys in the summer from Crouch Hill to the bandstand at Parliament Hill (Gospel Oak): the humble three-carriage train leisurely chugging along in the sunshine, the engine doing a convincing impersonation of an old ice-cream van…
  • What does Adlestropian mean?

    Can you have Adlestropian Linear Capitalism?
  • Referring to the ambience of the poem Adlestrop by Edward Thomas.

    I still don’t know what linear capitalism is!

    Just happened to use one of those new trains today. Nice and clean, spacious, but charmless and, despite the weather being lovely and sunny, as cold as a ‘fridge. They must still be tweaking the air conditioning.
  • …and as my friend who is a fan of the Goblin line pointed out, you sit with your back to the window (like on the underground) so you don’t get to enjoy the view so easily.
  • (Gosling line?)
  • A CGI-imagined steam-train trip on the discontinued line between Alexandra Palace & Finsbury Park. Fun!
  • Lots of artistic licence !. It us mostly single track. The last public train ran on 3rd July 1954. Freight trains ran as far as Muswell Hill until 14th June 1956 and Cranley Gardens until 18th May 1957. The track between FP and High Gate was used until 1964 for freight trains to Edgware. There were also tube stock transfer between High Gate Woods sidings and Drayton Park hauled by LT battery locks. That stopped on 1970 due to the poor condition of the flyover that used to be at the FP end of Parkland Walk
    The track was removed in 1972
  • overandinoverandin Andover
    Very cool video, thanks for sharing @gardener-joe crazy how much effort the creator must of put in.
  • Ali, are you quite sure it was mostly single track? That's contrary to track diagrams that I've seen.
  • Arkady I have had look at said diagrams and your completely correct! Apologies as way of "compensation" folks can enjoy a wet summer Friday afternoon with this lot

    Page 110 Freight trains running on the underground page 110 for mention of the Northern Heights jan 17 FREIGHT ON THE UNDERGROUND.pdf

    Good over view of Ally Pally Railway. Lots of links to other sites with photos

    More specific about SG Station
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