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  • Forgot to add lovely lovely place also.
    in ... Comment by sherry July 2012
  • Arkady - I went to one the other night (my first time) and thought it was brilliant. Great food, fabulous hosts and good company. Would highly recommend it.
    in ... Comment by sherry July 2012
  • Thanks GJ - I will.
  • I did get soundproofing material put into floorboards in one of the rooms and made a massive difference. When I go into bathroom (which sits over same room downstairs as bedroom with soundproofing) I can hear so much more so can tell its making a bi…
  • £2,500 inclusive of all materials. I thought it was good/reasonable??!
  • I have just had my place done (they finished today - took 1 week) - Derek Spillane - 020 8340 6132. Nicest man ever and excellent job. I met one of his prior customers (to get some reference) and she was just as complimentary. He takes pride in his …
  • Will try to make it. Good idea to do this.
  • Sorry to hear about all this Misscara (your post on call with police and needing to take time off was hilarious).It just seems a bit of a shame to have all the technology yet not be able to access CCTV footage in time - there must be a way around th…
  • Had not noticed the ones you mention - will look out for them. Also few on road down from F Park tube Wells Terrace exit (opp Nisa) - think one/two new shops (refurb of the newsagent type shop that was there?) and one fish and chip place (fit out lo…
    in New Shops Comment by sherry June 2012
  • Glad I saw this as I did noticed Adjani when it first opened and made mental note to go but forgot will definitely make a point to go.
  • I have lived in Birnam Rd for 15 years and no issues with estate or generally. I don't go through the estate - never have? - don't see why you would need to. Also I don't directly adjoin it but am v close to it and no problems. No traffic since…