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  • I have to say this particular concert was much louder than usual. I have young children and my 2 year old was crying at being unable to sleep through the thumping bass clearly audible in his room. Not cool.
  • I've been! It's fantastic, great food, fun décor, good value. The fusion aspect isn't overly done so that works really well too. Go give it a try!
  • This sounds like a great initiative, very excited already! I'm going to risk insulting a few passionate parents here but please not St Aidans! Great school and very convenient for many no doubt. Hardly however a central location to help footfall an…
  • This place is brilliant, fantastic wines and welcoming, knowledgeable staff to talk you though it. I have discovered what has fast become my favourite ever wine though the owner, a very friendly Aussie from Holloway called Cameron. I've fast become …
  • I am reliably informed that reports of Traiteur's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Closed for an extended holiday (I guess not much goes on in the catering world in Jan), back open w/c Feb 6th.
    in Deli Wars Comment by Fin January 2017
  • Another vote for the team and David Andrew. Mark's a great guy and his lettings man Phillip is also excellent.
  • I enjoyed the 3 courses for £20 at Traiteur last night. Food was incredible, the owner/chef previously worked at Petrus and it shows. He's a lovely guy too and it's a great 'private dining/super club' type experience as well as excellent food. B…
  • Surely the lake would be a better place for Mark Foster....;) Aiden Gillen is of course also in Game of Thrones. That should bring in the crowds!
  • Q&T Vietnamese Kitchen is my current favourite. Cheap, fresh, healthy and very tasty food. Emono at the station is also a good lunch, excellent kebab wraps.
    in Lunch in FP Comment by Fin August 2016
  • Mark Foster (Olympic swimmer on the telly a lot at the moment) used to live in the area, Thorpedale Rd I think. Then of course there's Jazzy B...
  • I was in the vacinity of another phone snatch by what must be the same two guys on a scooter at 3:15 on Tollington Park. Snatched a phone off a woman standing outside a shop on the pavement, then came for me and actually hit me slightly although did…
  • Not tried the new place but Q&T is fantastic. Lovely fresh, tasty food, perfect for a light lunch or takeaway and pretty decent value. Highly recommend the papaya salads!
  • I have previously found David Andrew on Stroud Green Road (opposite the Italian Deli) highly professional. Seem to value fairly rather than ridiculously or low-balling for an easy sale. Mark Campbell is the manager there, good guy.
  • My emails seem to be struggling to get through too Krappy, will let you know though if I do manage to get hold of the Urban Pubs guys.
  • Our current Nanny will be available from mid-February. She's been great over the last 2 years with our now 5 year old but as we've just had another child and very young babies aren't really her thing she's moving on.Let me know if you'd like details.
  • The Diary has been a pub of some sort since at least 1999. The guys behind Urban Pubs did indeed take it over in 2007 (not 2009 as I stated previously, lived here longer that I thought!).I've known one of the guys behind Urban Pubs for 30 odd years,…
  • Urban Pubs (who Four Eyes says above have bought the WLM) are the same guys who were behind the purchase & refurb of The Dairy back in 2009. They sold it, along with 10 other pubs they owned, 2 or 3 years ago and are now having another go.Do wit…
    in home swap N1 Comment by Fin October 2015
  • I liked Brisket, food was pretty good and bit different to others in the area.They did not however serve lunch until 2pm. Might be very cool and all that but any restaurant who doesn't serve lunch at lunchtime is probably doomed to failure. Shame.
  • I moved into the area in 1999 too. And I have seen Muntjac deer on Parkland Walk!
  • I know you said you had enough now Donna but virtually everyone I deal with (via my work) who moves to Muswell Hill does so for this reason so I can probably help out if still needed. Let me know.
  • Front Room do a pretty good burger. As do Nandos.
  • I like this place. Great beers, food's pretty good too.Not very kid/family friendly, which is fine and many will see as a huge positive! In in area like SG though it might hurt them.I'll be back either way, like it.
    in The Hopsmiths Comment by Fin August 2015
  • I can't stand the WLM. The sell cheap booze to alcoholics, a morally dubious business model if ever I've seen one. Get rid.
    in The White Lion Comment by Fin July 2015
  • How's this progressing peeps?
  • Now that's a very, very good idea. Can it be set up?
  • I went to Street N4 a couple of weeks ago and, although the food as good, the service was incompetent. To cut a long story short the owner got in touch direct, was great and admitted staffing was a huge issue for them (and most other restaurants in …
  • The "van controversy" made The Standard last night. nasty trick. This …
  • Thanks Krappy!Great that we're now getting some costing ideas come back. If we can get someone qualified to put together a formal proposal on the process, timings and costings, get a working document if you like then we can really look to push this …