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  • Passed them today and they were moving their stuff in. I think there may have even been some leftover beer in the pub. Fully functional kitchen, big space, possible free beer. It's a pretty good squat tbh.
  • Her mum did some plumbing work for me and yes I believe it is the barmaid. There will also be a pub cat apparently.
  • Welcome Steve. As you can see we're a very community minded bunch of regulars! A small request though. For those of us who aren't as keen on cask ales, can we have a request for a couple of decently priced wines and a lager! 
    in The Hopsmiths Comment by Mills July 2015
  • It's now been completely closed down. No doubt the owner will try to go to a change of licence and turn the whole thing into flats. 
    in The Hopsmiths Comment by Mills June 2015
  • Went this evening. Really very good. Fabulous crab and great tikka done with coriander mint and chilli for a change. Monster bits of paneer. Interesting aubergine dish too. Oh and big portions. Only slightly weird thing about it is the ambience, whi…
    in Yak & Yeti Comment by Mills June 2014
  • Magic Buskere (opposite the Noble, next to Laura's Nails) is empty and in need of a tenant as the cab firm there was stopped from trading by the council and told it had to be a shop. Don't know the name of the owner, but it may be worth having a qui…
    in Book Shop Comment by Mills August 2013
  • I've certainly been in the Noble much later than 10pm regularly recently! I think that will be food times. I'll suggest Terry the landlord makes it clear on the site. Today it's open til 8 and then for pre-lunch drinks tomorrow and Boxing day I beli…
  • Oh and the chef has gone for good. Agency chefs at the moment and hoping for it to improve. 
  • There is a thought from some regulars (and I include me in this) that the Noble is being run down enough so that the owner can go for a change of usage with the council, turn it into flats and be quids in.  A real shame. But the only way to stop tha…
  • @Jo - sounds similar to Poole's Park, which also has a very high added value score, although is not yet outstanding at Ofsted.  It's exactly what Chekski says - the difference between 'me first' and thinking about society and the community. Do we re…
  • Incidentally - we are considering moving the child INTO IAMS from her terrible school in Brighton where she lives with her mum. I have a lot of time for the head (I did my PGCE with her) and I know some of the teachers who actually are very positive…
  • Someone upthread mentioned Pooles Park having a poor Ofsted. Not sure where you're getting your info from. Recent (last year) Ofsted was good with outstanding features thanks very much! It's a lovely school with some great teachers. Oh and the gover…
  • I have been a regular at the Noble for a few years. Yes it's not quite the same as when Adam was there but it's doing OK and after some teething troubles is getting there. The chef makes the best yorkshires, there are two of the old staff working th…
  • Last week this week. It has been bought by the owners of the Highbury Barn. Will close for a week I believe and then re-open. They have kept on the same bar and kitchen staff, other than Adam the owner obviously.
  • Sorry, I didn't come back for ages and so didn't see the comment from Neil. Thanks for that. The issues we had with service were that we had to chase down drinks, our chips came quite some time after the steaks and the greens sometime after that a…
  • Exceptionally bad meal in Season tonight. Poor food, poor service. Hoping it's a blip. Emily (of these boards) was at another table, hope she had a better time.
  • Cycled past it every day until last year. Don't work round there any more but I assume it is still there.
  • I don't see why not! I will ask closer to the time.
  • Should addabout Poole's Park - it's very much a choir for the joy of singing, not in any way attempting to be professional. We did get the chance to sing at the Union Chapel last year, but also had a lovely christmas sinaglong in the World's End.
  • I am also in Poole's Park community choir. Had to take a bit of a break due to illness, but hoping to be back for September (we rehearse in the school, hence the term time existence). Everyone is lovely.
  • I believe to the owners of the lease. Not sure if it will remain a pub or go to be flats. No more info than that I'm afraid.
  • Make it quick if you do plan to go back. It has been sold for definite this time.
  • I had an early tea. I wonder if you were there then, I was the last but one table at the back corner.
  • I am not talking about 'beds for the night'. I am talking about getting homeless people off the streets, or indeed not. What drives someone to stay on the streets is not simply not having a home or a hostel to go to. Or perhaps we should just round …
  • Oh and incidentally I said I usually give her food, fags and once sanitary towls, very little cash. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.
  • How do you know I don't already give to homeless charities? And it's Mills. Also, I believe the jury is still actually out on whether giving to homeless charities and not individuals is proven to be the best way at present. In my experience of …
  • I am going to dine at the Pillocks of Season tonight as a pay day treat. Popped in to book a table this afternoon and they have a big party coming in. Glad to see they are doing OK, as a small place with so few covers could easily struggle.
  • Be interested to know how I, as a relative stranger, can compel someone to enter a rehabilitation programme. Until such time as I can find a way to successfully do that, I'll just have to be one of these terrible people giving someone else a bit of …
  • Oh, and 50p man is back around as of last week. Not seen mixed race lady with the dog for a bit, but sat and did the crossword with once, and encountered her arguing politics with communist pamphlet man. She's an interesting person, if a bit shouty …
  • I've spoken to the Scottish woman (Joanne?) lots of times, and was worried when she vanished for a few months couple of years ago. She's just managed to get back in touch with her son who was taken away from her by the boyfriend of the time 20 odd …