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  • I agree, @MMF : Beautiful kitchen but utterly impractical. I like the tile work, but there are no counter-level powerpoints for kitchen appliances, and no cabinets for storage (but all that lovely tile!) Th space under the marble counters could hav…
  • I went for a walk a little after dusk a few nights ago. I'm surprised by how common foxes have become; in about forty minutes I saw only one cat, but four foxes.
    in Wildlife Comment by Scruffy May 10
  • Um… for those of us who don’t “catch [your] drift”, please, @LukeG ?
    in Phone Theft!! Comment by Scruffy May 4
  • I wouldn’t object to that, although health workers might be better off staying with the reserved hours for them, as (as I found today) about half the shoppers in Tesco are cretins: they observe the physical distancing while queueing to go in or for …
  • For a few years the junction of Osborne and Victoria Roads has been a popular parking spot for what appear to be dealers, probably because it's near two main roads (SGR and Upper Tollington Park), and they can park side-on to the houses at the end o…
  • The answer to Question no. 6 is: Pasta Remoli in Clifton Terrace. Walk past the counter on your left and on the left wall there's an illustration of dish of pasta being prepared. It isn't in the style of W Heath Robinson, but it incorporates the so…
  • If I may be permitted to posit Question no. 6: Where in Stroud Green can one see mural which pays homage to artist and former Perth Road resident William Heath Robinson?
  • I miss the old boot scrapers. I don't know where that one is, but the wall at the entrance to St Gildas School in Dickenson Road also shows the scars of where such a scraper had formerly been mounted next to the door.
  • I shall have to try to come up with a question myself. And the then I discovered another one this afternoon in Albert Rd, near where it crosses Victoria Rd. Now I wonder how their locations are determined (on a hill makes sense, of course) and whet…
  • I'll hazard a guess with Mount Pleasant Villas, the wall that runs down the side of the covered reservoir (It's the only such grit container I know of in the area, and it looks as if it's on a hill, sloping the right way.)
  • The Finsbury Park Poisoner — not a pleasing epithet. Surely, Tollington or Upper Holloway are more deserving toponyms in this case? Perhaps the title wouldn't sound as good with either of them. I wonder when this was coined.
  • Was it Seddon's house in Tollington Park?
  • "Utter shitter businesses?" Just wait until we have a Paddy Power at each end of SGR. @CrouchPotato , what are these current institutions to which you refer? Can you name them without risk of a visit from the management?
  • Yes, it looks as if that nice Lawrence Singha is at it again. Don't be fooled: It's not just "Nextdoor Stroud Green"; it's a big US company. Contrary to what the letter states, Nextdoor is not free; you pay with your privacy, nor is it private; they…
  • Definitely black pudding; even the white bits were black.
  • Well they might get rid of that puddle just before the ramp at the park end, but it seems no one is responsible for sweeping the bridge. One day last summer I noticed a slice of black pudding by the fence, half way along the bridge. At the time I wa…
  • Just a few days before the most recent excavation, I was crossing from the corner where the café is, and I noticed (yet again), and remarked upon to Lady Scruffy, the smell of gas (or is that the smell of vampires?) It seems that the repairs are nev…
  • I think the car wash is a bigger pain. When the the cars they're washing don't all fit into the garage, they have them parked partially on the pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk into the cycle lane. I complained to Islington Council a couple of y…
  • (I think you're both talking about the same place; the cab office opposite the car wash used to be a coal office. I believe the next nearest coal office in our area was where Ferme Park Rd meets Stapleton Hall road.)
  • Just had a look at the new entrance and progress on the development. I might be jumping the gun, but I can’t help thinking that in more enlightened times, all those responsible would be sterilised.
  • @Rikki A masterpiece! Irving Berlin couldn't have put it better himself (and never did). Thanks for posting (though it shames me to think how hearing Eric Idle say f**k so many times makes me laugh so much).
  • Krappy flaunts his urban credentials by using G&S to mean anything other than Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • Ooh yes! It's Christmas! What a load of ol' wank! Some of us don't give a tinker's cuss about Christmas and try to carry on as normal. (Who imagines the Conservatives are shafting the country any less brutally now, because "it's Christmas"?) Anyon…
  • Indeed, the election results speak for themselves. Or do they? My interpretation is that it's the electorate that is, on the whole, pig-ignorant "shite". I'm sure there are other interpretations.
  • @rikki I think writing "industrially-slaughtered dead animals" comes across as a tad judgmental, dismissive, and sarcastic when you could have simply written "meat", especially as "dead" is redundant after "slaughtered"—unless you're attempting rhet…
  • The restaurant area in The Stapleton is nice and spacious, and especially nice on a sunny day, when the light comes though the skylight. Food has been good the few times I've eaten there, and the staff seem to genuinely care that you're happy with y…
  • I haven't passed Goodwin Street in a while. Does anyone know what will happen (or has already happened)—if anything—to the nice old sorting office building there? Went to Pure Cyprus a couple of years ago. Food and service were poor. Maybe it's tim…
  • Sir, Sir! They're taking the piss out of the orthographically retarded!
  • @therattle Surely it's better to get rid of the mice? Plenty of reusable and humane mousetraps available on for just a few quid.
  • Banana-banana! Paanda strawbreez toofrapaand!