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  • Surely Trump himself is a decoy? I mean he can't REALLY be the president of the US, can he?
    in Helicopters! Comment by Scruffy June 5
  • Three of them looked like Chinooks (they had tandem rotors), but no, not as impressive as the Ospreys. But why were the noisy buggers spending so much time over Finsbury Park?
    in Helicopters! Comment by Scruffy June 5
  • “There have been no enquiries at this stage and police enquiries continue.” —More first-rate writing in the Gazette. It seems they don’t even have an editor.
  • How is this news, @Papa ? Seems like old history about which there’s nothing to be done. Did I miss something?
  • A text??? What makes you think it’s genuine?
  • (Gosling line?)
    in Train Geeks Comment by Scruffy June 1
  • …and as my friend who is a fan of the Goblin line pointed out, you sit with your back to the window (like on the underground) so you don’t get to enjoy the view so easily.
    in Train Geeks Comment by Scruffy June 1
  • Oh dear, I thought you were being as serious as I was. I don’t need to laugh at myself; I have a wife to do that for me (and very good she is at it, too!)
    in Wait, what? Comment by Scruffy May 25
  • Looking forward to the arrival of pants sewn into trousers, and umbrella stands sewn into hallways. Halcyon days! I still don’t see what the problem with jumpers over shirts (is anyone proposing jumpers with nothing underneath?), nor, for that matt…
    in Wait, what? Comment by Scruffy May 25
  • Fishing trawler… bridleway… getting warmer, but I think it smells like that because they don't clean the loos regularly enough.
    in Wait, what? Comment by Scruffy May 24
  • Referring to the ambience of the poem Adlestrop by Edward Thomas. I still don’t know what linear capitalism is! Just happened to use one of those new trains today. Nice and clean, spacious, but cha…
    in Train Geeks Comment by Scruffy May 24
  • I went to the one at Stroud Green School at 6.15pm. Only one person in front of me, and no-one outside with a clip board.
    in Polling Comment by Scruffy May 24
  • Yes, I remember the sound of diesel. There used to be a suburban Adlestropian quaintness about my Sunday afternoon journeys in the summer from Crouch Hill to the bandstand at Parliament Hill (Gospel Oak): the humble three-carriage train leisurely ch…
    in Train Geeks Comment by Scruffy May 24
  • I'll bite: @kreuzkav , what is "linear capitalism", and what had it to do with review sites?
    in Wait, what? Comment by Scruffy May 16
  • The term "Trendy Stroud Green" induces cognitive dissonance even more than does "gastro-pub".
    in Wait, what? Comment by Scruffy May 15
  • @gardener-joe Caught in the act of what? Two blokes passing the bar. Where's the tip jar they're supposed to be taking?
  • Extremely fishy! The blurb on the website is obviously template nonsense or computer generated!
  • Any ideas about the corner shop on SGR next to Grannie’s (set back from the main road at the last bus stop before the station)? They’ve been working on it for over a week. Last use was a hairdresser’s, but I could see a chiller cabinet in there toda…
  • @Furtherfield_Gallery , I really don't understand this. I mean I REALLY don't understand this. "An interactive machine designed to respond to environmental change – recording the past and making predictions for the future while inspiring new ritual…
  • @AWealWongun , you might be too polite to suggest it, but the most obvious answer seems to me to be commission. Of course I'm happy to be corrected if commission isn't the motive… More to your point, accepting that this "Lawrence Singha, Victoria R…
  • Shhh, dear, don't cause a fuss. I'll have your spam. I love it. I'm having Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, Spam, Spam, and Spam!
  • No, sorry, @HolbornFox , I had never heard of him before reading your post. Never been one for following any sport at all. Besides, reading Sterling's obituary in the Independent suggests he was based in Kentish Town.
  • Another typically fine digression! There seems to be a fair bit of knowledge around here on this subject, so I wonder if anyone here would care to give us a potted history of the changes in ethnicity in this area over the last forty…
  • Yes, I meant to mention that: helicopter was flying around until about 11pm.
  • Well bugger my maiden aunt! What's this about "the Turkish thing"? What is/was it? And reference to Kurds too? Anyone care to elucidate?
  • I haven’t been to the Park lately, except to walk from the Oxford Rd footbridge down to the Finsbury Gate, and didn’t see anything other than a fair setup. Where are these caravans, and what’s the latest, anyone?
  • (I still think there’s something fake or fishy about him. I’ve been back in Victoria Rd for nearly four years now, and I’ve never heard of a neighbourhood watch around here.)
  • Well, @lawrence singha , when you send a letter in your own name it’s customary to include your full address. Helps establish credibility, you know?
  • I saw the fence this afternoon. Could it be there just to stop the playground being used without supervision? You know; health and safety, liability, etc?
  • We had our defective one replaced for free last year. Assuming you’re in Haringey: