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  • St Michaels, Highgate N6 (Opposite The Flask) Sunday 22nd Dec 6.30pm - Service of nine lessons and carols.
  • Post parents evening meal. Good food, nice staff, no booze as I was driving so back early for the babysitter.
  • Where are you guys sitting
  • The Evening Standard link only shows a summarised table. Level 4 is the standard most children are expected to reach in their KS2 Sats tests in Year 6. Government standards are pretty low in …
  • One has just started on Ossian, most of the families already know each other from school, so in theory it should work well for them. We only know the other families to say hello to, so I'm not sure how happy they will be to have 'strangers' like us …
  • I was hoping to come to the last one, but unfortunately in the end it didn't fit in well with my wife's chemotherapy cycle. The same may happen this time round, but I'm sure I'll get to one in the end.
  • I've had a reminder from Haringey, by post every year so far. When we moved to Stroud Green the mid year transfer of permits between zones was handled very well. I'm guessing reminders are automated and the staff on the helpline don't want to commit…
  • This is how they approach homework at Coleridge
  • The Pineapple Kentish Town and The Sir Richard Steeles had the same owners upto about a year ago (the 8th April 2011 to be exact) My oldest friends  brother is one of two partners in the business. They bought Tapping The Admiral in Kentish Town/Chal…
  • @kreuzkav - I agree and well put@brodiej -  Also agree@emine, I think a fee could result in a loss of inclusiveness, the sense of community and the wealth of local knowledge that is so rich on the site currently. You could end up with a site that ha…
  • Don't usually comment; just enjoy reading the threads for one reason or another (My wife and I find the arguments amusing). @gardener-joe</a>  - Brings back fond memories of my school choir days, Carmina Burana. @taff bach - Well done to t…
  • Thanks for the Tadpoles, plants and pond weed. The children enjoyed introducing them to our pond.
    in Tadpoles Comment by Calouste May 2011
  • We'd love some if you still have any left. We are quite close by to you . I will whisper you my number.
    in Tadpoles Comment by Calouste May 2011
  • The Front Room Cafe, I quite like song too.
  • When I told a friend we were thinking of moving to N4, he commented that his father had put an offer in for a pub called The Noble. Last week he told me his father had been out bid. I think it has been sold. I've only visited it once before we move…