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  • FFS. When & how did the demolition order get approved - was that a separate application this or last year?
  • Arkady - is a petition too late in this case? Do planning objections have any effect at this point
  • This is a pretty bad outcome for the Robey. It has been sitting there rotting for a decade and a half with unclear ownership and status, but I had always hoped it would reopen as a commercially viable premises of some sort.
  • Yawn. Hipster = catch all term used by older (a bit past it, probably used to be 'cool' and dress a bit funny too in their younger days) people referring to younger people who are into current things that young people get into. When a whole generati…
  • Thanks Arkady for informed, rational info, as ever -  as opposed to the OHNOES! of the petition
  • @vetski - he does it deliberately to wind up who he sees at the pinko lefties on here. ignore him
  • When doing advertorial / astroturfing posts, could be good to offer - say - £1 off a pint if you mention  / 'RockingBed' at the bar.  
  • Yep was there this evening, pretty poor IMO.Shoddy laser show & massively distracting, badly ampified pop music did not compensate for what was an average display.. would rather 15mins of good rather than 30 mins of deeply boring. Free event in …
  • all depends on your definition of good food really
  • Here you go, more on the Name/Sign here: Would dearly love for a Sarah Beeny-style street enhancement …
  • if theres any kind of pressure group / petition to sign point us in the right direction my personal bugbear is total lack of pavement enforcement outside the Post Office and value4money on SGR. piles upon piles of cheap hats and tat are not 'vibrant…
  • good work, curved glass is a glorious feature and should be kept
  • But it would be weird for multiple bulbs to blow in several lamps simultaneously - would need a serious power surge and no circuit protection or RCDs..  highly unlikely in a new build modern spec theatre Far more likely is the power ring / phase wit…
  • ceviche is good but easy to rack up a large bill I agree, I hate 'shoreditch' as a lazy catch all term for trendy - its not even trendy anymore.Big chains, stag & hens, bridge & tunnel.  even Dalston is over. Hackney Wick now innit
  • uh oh i'm not getting brooklyn from that i must say, im getting crouch end tweeness
  • well written review here: pretty spot on IMO
  • @graeme i think you're setting the bar a little high there, those places are the best bbq restaurants london has to offer at the moment...  aside from the name, this place isnt barbecue and doesnt really identify itself as such - it does jerk chicke…
  • places that people travel from outside the area to come to: seasonpappagonejai krishna petek?  (although im not a fan, gimme the best of green lanes anyday) (strictly based on anecdotal evidence)
  • 'Post Office' is the loosest possible term for the pile of hats spilling all over the street
  • Unlicensed (currently, maybe theres one in the pipeline) Its a little strange format, i think they're going for the teenage friends / dates market, and should clean up as a result. From what i could see you have to pay up front (like in a pub..) and…
  • Massively exciting last night, not just Maureen Lipman again but also HARRY SHEARER was in the house Food was good too. And the wine.  I think the presence of the Park Theatre is pulling in the thesps from the wider area.
    in Osteria Tufo Comment by tomp July 2013
  • popped by this evening for drinks & tiramisu. highly recommended
    in Osteria Tufo Comment by tomp July 2013
  • pls can we start a new thread for bavarian beer discussion. this one is for dead-in-the-water buffet restaurants on sgr and is just getting confusing otherwise
  • christ. i guess if you live in Kensington then Crouch End must seem like the Walworth road
  • Another vote for Nid Ting, reliably good. no delivery though crab cakes, red/green/massaman/jungle curries all good
    in Thai food Comment by tomp June 2013
  • Toasters - Not just an SG thing
  • excellent. that alone makes the place worth a look if nothing else
  • definitely a need for some joined up / enforced street & pavement planning.. or sarah beeny the stretch from la forchetta through to new kebab place (ex Chez Liline) has become a disgrace. the two pound shops' wares encroach ever further onto th…
  • ^^^ this misscara speaks sense here