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  • We left a karaoke machine outside on the weekend, snapped up pretty quick. If anyone finds their neighbours belting out Boyzone hits into the early hours, you have me to thank.
  • I think the N19 has open mic nights too.
  • The Rainbow cafe had a plastic sign, so now that's been taken off the old signage has been exposed and you can make out that it was called The Full Monty. Wonder how long ago that was?
  • That's the one that was the Rainbow cafe most recently, with the toasters on the shutters right? Nice wooden front going on, so I assume it's going to be a restaurant.
  • Our neighbours put a note through our door a while back saying they get our post all the time, and do we get theirs - we don't - so I assume our letterbox is too small, and the postie just goes for the nearest, um, big slot.
    in Lost post Comment by Emma August 2011
  • Yes, I would be devastated. I was gutted last night watching my hometown, Croydon, up in flames. But I know that if I had been there, giving those people resposible a right old ticking off would have made no difference, except land me in hospital. …
    in Riots Comment by Emma August 2011
  • If there was any way to stop you becoming a target, then sure, go for it. But you're going out unprotected to face up to a group of people who literally do not give a fuck. It makes us all feel better to compare them to kids stealing sweeties from W…
    in Riots Comment by Emma August 2011
  • @Arkady - I know you have good intentions. It's just not a good idea.
    in Riots Comment by Emma August 2011
  • The thing about the Turkish and Kurdish shop owners defending their property is - it's no solution. These people are looking after their own interests just as the looters are looking after their own interests. OK, so maybe they repelled attacks last…
    in Riots Comment by Emma August 2011
  • It's more for when people run into fields, woods etc, where you can't take a car. It flushes 'em out, like rabbits. I think they may use heat-sensing cameras as well, or maybe that's something I saw in a film
  • They work with the police on the ground to pinpoint where the criminals are, and shine a big light on them. Has noone ever seen Police Camera Action?!
  • I think they've been reading this board and are just doing it to wind you up. Anyway I live on UTP and haven't heard the helicopter, but I've had a hacking cough for the past month which has probably done more to keep my neighbours awake than anyth…
  • Off to the opposite end of zone 2 (Brockley). It has an online forum, phew. Jon has a touch of the Yul Brynner about him, perhaps we could create a Westworld-style robot of him, which I could take with me and open a SE London Petek! Malfunctioning …
    in [...] Comment by Emma August 2011
  • @Siolae, absolutely spot on. So depressing that these things need to be reiterated "in this day and age"!
  • You do know, don't you, that people don't shout sexual comments, sexually assault or rape women because they really really fancy them?
  • Yeah - she SHOULD have been asking for it, the bitch.
  • Well, someone shouting out of a passing car window is a world away from, for example, someone pulling over next to you and calling out, or kerb-crawling and trying to talk to you. The former is something that happens unfortunately too often, the lat…
  • Is there a stall at the village fete to guess the weight of the vagina, perhaps? And if so, what do you win?
    in The W.I. Comment by Emma July 2011
  • I love Petek - it will be the thing I miss most about SG when we leave. My "usual" is grilled mackerel.
    in [...] Comment by Emma July 2011
  • Also see if any churches locally want it for summer fetes (probably too late for school fetes), for their crockery smashing stalls.
  • We bought a balloon in there a while ago for a friend's birthday. It cost about £4.50 I think - you choose which type you want and then they inflate it for you. It is so cheering to walk along the street carrying a massive balloon!
  • Rules in Covent Garden has amazing private rooms. It's probably really expensive, I've only ever been there with work.
  • Presumably some drama had precipitated the arrival of the van (which came as an emergency, lights and siren on) but by the time they arrived the only member of the camp there was the woman.
  • @Sevlow, from my experiences with him I would agree 100%. Dr Shimizu is my favoured doctor.
  • As I got to Tesco yesterday, I guess at 7ish, a big police van pulled up and lots got out and chased after the main woman, but by the time I left the shop they'd all left. Noticed the camp had moved to next to the bike stands outside Tesco.
  • @N2n4 - I don't use Dr Nubi's surgery, I use Dr Ramnani's. There are 2 practices in the same building. I had my emergency appointment yesterday in the end, only had to wait 1h15 to be seen... The reception staff there are brilliant, I think, really…
  • OK, scratch that, they *are* open. Strange.
  • Is it possible that 157 Medical Practice (Dr Ramnani's surgery) is closed on a Monday?! That's what the website seems to say. I need an emergency appointment and don't relish the thought of dragging myself to a drop in centre.
  • Thank fuck I'm a heavy sleeper, I missed both of these. On Sunday early evening someone did start playing some awful hey-nonny-nonny folk music really loudly out the back when we were having a roof BBQ - was this the beginning of the Osborne rave up?
  • @Mirandola, I've whispered you! My first ever whisper *proud*
    in Bags Comment by Emma July 2011