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  • Not local.  Not even this country, continent or hemisphere. Martin Clunes, whale watching off the south east coast of Sri Lanka.  He drew attention to himself by shouting "Look, a dinosaur!", then got the hump when another Brit recognised him and t…
  • @ RedSturgeon my mum was born 1500 7th October 1948 ('cept we say 3pm). Just wanted to say.
  • I know that I often say that I'm going to join some of the various crafty groups set up / promoted on here, but I really am interested in sewing tutorial. I only ever really use my sewing machine for taking up trousers. And have even slipped back …
  • Just bumping this to the top, in time for the Friday lunchtime traffic. And before we take it to the recycling part of the dump tomorrow. Ta, MC
  • Woke me last night, over Corbyn Street. This is the first time in some weeks that I've heard it. It is the length of time hovering that gets me. It's up there for bloody ages.
  • Love the idea. Could I have a couple of glasses of Rioja instead, if I promise to bring along a gaggle of hardcore ale-heads? Hmmm, that's missing the point, isn't it.
  • @ rainbow_carnage : Tell us about that £1k tip then?
  • I'm going to leave something on the front wall right now; just so that we can get back on track people.
  • Do you need a big garden to keep bees? Is it ok to keep bees if you frequently have visitors under 5 years old?
  • Misscara would, to dilute and spray over little beige dog's man daddy. I wouldn't even bother to dilute.
  • Hmmm, beer making. My dad used to brew beer, and cider, and wine, in the garage at home. I always told him it tasted like bum holes (not that I've actually tasted a bum hole).
  • I know what you mean Dion; I rarely take the tube, but when I do... Love to you all.
  • Never seen or heard of the Poover! They had a similar thing, 'Motocrotte' in Paris in the 90s. There was a whole fleet of them scooping the poop of all those horrid little dogs Parisians have. Yet the streets were still covered with piles of do…
  • Bloody hell, jam making and baking rural pursuits? I make jam and bake stuff becasue I like eating, in the urban setting of zone 3. Still, I'm up for a bit of hula-hooping. But not nudie photo shoots.
  • I passed by Tavistock Square at 9.47 this morning, there were suprisingly few people there. More surprising was that few peole even really paused as they passed by the small huddle of people surrounding the plaque with flowers and bouquets at their…
  • I ask that often too. Abundant in Palmers Green in the '70s, but rarely spottend since.
  • Oooh, I like this idea! Will try to join you on Tuesday. Can we focus on drinking and baking too please?
  • maybe it was chickens years ago or maybe I ate chicken and trod on a rabbit ... I was a bit worse for wear!
  • And, just along a bit on Green Lanes is the White House a weird 'Turkish pub'. They have a shisha garden with chickens running around it!
  • I just got sent this by a neighbour Tollington Safer Neighbourhood Team are asking local residents if they saw or heard anything relating to an incident of serious assault which occurred on Tollington Place yesterday 21/06/2011 at 18:30 hours. If…
  • My dad does kinda mind that I scab his picket line. But not enough to curdle blood. As he then takes the opportunity to introduce me to his colleagues as his 'baby'. I'm 42. Families, eh?
  • Ah no, Bob Crow IS a bit of a arse, but my dad's alright.
  • Can I be in charge of the cake sale facility please?
  • My dad - one of Bob Crow's militant whingers - argues strongly that their gripe about loosing 'a few ticket jockeys' (or hundred of station staff) really is health and saftety. I know that he (my dad) has had and continues to have masses of reg…
  • @ miss annie My dad is one of Bob Crow's militant whingers! You've summed him up perfectly! On more than one occassion, when he's been picketting out side the Wells Terrace entrace to the station, I've had to take the tube for a meeting and h…
  • I get a bunch of white lillies each week from Tesco. I hate that Tesco, but I've tried and tested all other local (and further afield) options - both independents and supermarket chains - and Tesco flowers open properly, last the longest and repres…
  • OK - so that didn't work. I'll get someone less stupid to help me out. Back soon!
  • @ Misscara - I've heard the rice thing before. What is the correct temperature? I'm always re-heating rice (athough rarely take out rice) or eating leftovers cold and have never had problems. Although I do know at least 2 people who were wiped ou…
  • Fazila at Zebra on Highbury Park is great at waxing (it's her favourite treatment - which I think is a bit odd, especially as this is demonstrated by extrememly thorough bikini waxing!). I've had lash tiniting with her too and pedicures. But her…